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I get it.

You had plans for this year—it would be different—but now, a few months in, you feel like it’s bleh.

And you’re seeing people around you accomplishing all kinds of goals.

It’s getting to you – you’re desperate for a change.

And this is why I’m writing this post – to help you turn things around.

Here’s how to make your 2024 – 10X better.

1. Make tiny changes

Make tiny changes

Let’s say you want to get fit.

You started January by cutting down on sugary drinks, eating salads, and going to the gym daily.

It’s not humanely possible to turn our lives around in a second.

It’s something I bet only Clark Kent can do.

You have to take it down a notch.

Take it from someone who’s tried becoming fit for years but failed – and is only now seeing progress.

Things take time.

It’s better to implement small incremental changes to stay consistent.

For instance:

  • Substitute soda for frozen yogurt or smoothies
  • Make a healthier version of your favorite foods so you don’t have to stop eating what you like or eat what you like in moderation.
  • Start with 10 minutes in the gym—do it twice a week, and slowly, after a month or two, increase to 3-5 days a week.

Start small.

Bite-sized changes will help you be more consistent – I promise.

2. Adopt minimalism

When I say adopt minimalism, I mean this in the best way possible.

I’m not asking you to strip down to a bed and a desk.

I’m saying maybe you can focus more time on experiences with people you love rather than buying stuff.

I was a shopaholic.

I loved buying cups, books, toys, and clothes.

But over time, I have realized that all these things require maintenance.

And have you noticed that once you buy something, the pleasure wears off relatively quickly?

Like you’re excited about this new action figure you got (you’ve saved up for months to get it), but after you get it, it’s now collecting dust on your shelf, and you’re craving something else?

Physical items cannot bring us joy like experiences do.

It’s a fact.

Focus on experiences like:

  • Meeting a friend for coffee
  • Taking a small trip to a nearby town by yourself
  • Going for a movie or a play

Relish experiences.

And trust me, your world will open up and become so much better.

3. Talk to people

talk to people

Our phones have increased our social anxiety and pushed us to stay in our comfort zones.

More than 33% of the world experiences loneliness quite frequently and that shouldn’t be the case since we’re a population of 8 billion peeps.

And being a former introvert, I have realized that people are love.

You might not want to be with people, but you must find your people if you are lonely.

Let’s say you cannot find friends, or it’s hard.

Try harder.

I joined meet-up groups and participated in different events till I found the people I enjoyed hanging out with.

I love conversations, so most of my friends are talkative and lively.

My partner and I get together with our friends to play board games twice a week, and I go out every Saturday to have lunch with my girl friends.

It’s a lovely arrangement and sometimes I want to kick myself for not venturing out sooner.

I talk about how I made friends in my 30s in this post but the gist of it is:

  • Join a class you love (cooking/photography/wood workshop)
  • Start conversations in libraries/stores (it’s scary at first, but the shyness and fear slowly fade away)
  • Attend small get-togethers and parties to find people you can converse with
  • Join a book club.
  • Go to the park on the weekends and see if they’re hosting any relevant clubs.

Please know that however different and unique you are, there are people just like you who share your interests and have a similar personality.

You can also find people online, but challenge yourself to find them in the real world!

The world is so much more fun when you talk to people and share experiences.

4. Be bored

You needn’t be productive 24/7.

If you find yourself NEVER bored – you’re doing something wrong.

If you’re always on the phone when you’re not working because you need to be doing something, this one is for you.

Your brain cannot and should not be ON all the time!

It’s not good for you.

Our brains cannot handle so much information overload.

So, you need to relax.

It’s okay to just be bored—doing the dishes, sitting still and meditating, walking and enjoying nature, or playing with your children or pets.

It’s okay to be bored. It’s okay to do mundane things.

And if you’re not doing enough of these boring things – you’ll soon find yourself burned out.

So, take a break – knit, dance, read, or laze.

But don’t force yourself to always be in front of a screen like your phone/TV.

Be bored once in a while – it will fuel your brain!

5. Repeat the stuff you find boring

Do the boring stuff

You don’t get better at anything unless you repeat it.

The most successful people have the most boring routines.

They do a task repeatedly until they can do it in their sleep.

Nobody is born a piano player or an artist.

Nobody is born with talent.

They all take time to perfect their skills and become perfect.

And to become good at something and leave a mark in this world, you need to repeat that dull task day in and day out until you become perfect at it!

Apply this principle to a skill you want to learn, a habit you want to grow or just work.

6. Do something for yourself every day

If you’re constantly caring for your loved ones/pets, you will feel drained or unfulfilled.

The best way to feel satisfied and fulfilled is to do something small for yourself daily.

I wake up at 3:45 a.m. every day (even on the weekends) because I love those first two hours of freedom.

I read, I walk, I kiss my pups good morning, and I take them for a long walk with my partner afterward—we even have a chai together two times a week while we talk about fun things.

But those 2 hours in the morning have dramatically improved the quality of my life.

It allows me to do anything—workout, prepare for the day with a nice to-do list, spend quality time with my partner and dogs, and do my grocery shopping for the day.

Do something that makes your heart sing – and if you don’t have the time, then wake up early.

You don’t need to wake up before dawn – just maybe 30 minutes before your regular wake-up time.

You can play basketball, play the guitar, or ride your bike—do something that makes your heart sing.

It sucks in the beginning, but with time, that extra hour will give you so much joy.

You’ll become addicted to it!

7. Be honest with yourself

be honest with yourself

Spend time by yourself and honestly ask yourself what is lacking in your life.

If it’s friends, then make a plan to hang out with people 1-2 times a week and add events to your social calendar.

If it’s health, then plan to become more fit or see a trainer/nutritionist who can help you!

If it’s a skill you want to learn, look up people who have already mastered it and trace it backward.

Did they attend special courses? Do they recommend books that you need to read? Do them all!

All you need is a plan and the motivation to get back on track.

Bonus: Ditch perfectionism

There is no right time to start.

It doesn’t matter if yesterday was not perfect – today is a bright new day.

You can start today – just focus on why you’re doing this and remember that by improving your life, you are showing yourself that much-needed love!

And remember, you don’t need to turn your life around by 365 degrees.

Move the needle if only by 1% and that’s all that matters!

So, let me know what you’re going to do today to make your life a little better!

Angela is a 31 year old Illustrator and Blogger living with her 2 adorable labradors in Bangalore, India. She has a degree in Psychology and Human Relationships from the University of Toronto. When she's not writing her heart out or drawing, you'll find her sipping chai and reading non-fiction books.

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