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Christmas Shopping on its own isn’t easy.

And more so, if the woman you’re Christmas shopping for is a Minimalist.

So, how do you go about shopping for a Minimalist?

Do Minimalists hate gifts?

Of course not!

Minimalists do not prefer physical gifts that cause clutter (visual or otherwise) because they focus more on enjoying experiences and people.

However, if you’re giving her a gift that she can use regularly and help make her life easier, then you’re in the clear.

Whatever gift idea you choose, make sure that the gift fulfils at least 1 of these characteristics:

  1. Is consumable: Like good quality coffee grounds. Or a nice natural handmade soap.
  2. Saves time and keeps the house clean: Something like a Robot Vaccum cleaner or an enclosed Cat Litter Box.
  3. Is digital: Like a subscription to Domestika or Disney +.
  4. Helps them improve the quality of their lives: Like an all-natural skin scrub so she can pamper herself.

In short, Minimalists are idealists. They prefer gifts that they use daily or really, really love.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Personal Beauty and Self Care

In this section, I’m going to focus on gift ideas that are reusable or completely consumable. The goal is to avoid wastage but at the same time not compromise her self-care routine.

You can either purchase one of these or make a special gift basket containing a few of these gift ideas. 

Either way, it gives you a chance to spoil her this Christmas. 

1. BAILI Luxury Double Edge Safety Razor for Women

This reusable safety razor has a unique micro-comb system that will provide a close shave, eliminate skin irritation and give her skin a clean and healthy look.

Not to mention, it will last for a really long time, unlike the regular disposable razors. 


2. Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Massager

A face roller helps stimulate blood circulation and promote collagen production. And this helps with reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

This particular piece comes with 2 attachments – a face roller and an under-eye press.


3. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Crafted from natural ingredients like dead sea salt, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, Epsom salt and kaolin clay, that support the skin and entice the senses, this bath bomb set is absolutely perfect to soak away the stress. 


4. Handmade Soap Bar Gift Set

Each soap contains natural, food-grade ingredients and are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives.

These beautiful handmade soaps contain moisturizing Shea Butter and Olive and Coconut Oil that softens and soothes skin.


5. Bare Botanics Sea Salt Body Scrub (Coconut Vanilla)

Using a combination of nutrient-rich all organic moisturizers like Avocado oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Aloe vera, this organic body scrub expertly targets the top and innermost layers of your skin. 

Every coconut body scrub is expertly hand poured and hand packaged with care, unlike most mass-produced scrubs.


6. Sparia Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can help boost immunity, fight infection, support digestion & shift your mental state.

The 300ml ceramic ultrasonic diffuser provides up to 18 hours of mist.


7. Michael Kor’s Rose Gold Brilliance Earrings

If you’re gifting jewellery, make sure it lasts and isn’t costume jewellery, because those get tarnished very fast.

Gift her something that will retain its shine and require minimum effort to maintain. This elegant piece from Michael Kors is timeless and beautiful.


For the Kitchen

Whether she loves to cook or not, minimalists prefer using items that are reusable and extremely efficient. 

1. 100% Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

This is the world’s first fully functional, self-sealing, non-plastic bag. Stasher bags contain no BPA, no PVC, and no latex and will keep your food safe.

Whether she cooks herself or orders take out, these bags are perfect for storing food and keeping it fresh. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.


2. Bayco 10 pack glass food storage containers

These gorgeous glass containers are oven safe below 752℉, you can use them for freezer storage, microwave(not the lids)and dishwasher.

They are super easy to use and clean. You can store dry and wet food and it won’t leak.


3. S’well Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

S’well beverage containers are insulated with a copper wall layer to eliminate condensation by providing an exterior that won’t sweat on your hands or in your bag.

I started using one of these to help me maintain my daily water intake and it’s wonderful. 


4. Glass teapot with stainless steel diffuser

This glass teapot can be used on your stovetop or in your microwave, and it’s dishwasher safe, so it’s great for preparing tea and easy to clean up afterwards.

If your minimalist girl is a serial tea drinker, then there is no better gift than this infused glass teapot.


5. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

This coffee maker will keep your coffee hot for 60 minutes longer than thinner steel and glass models. And it’s drop-proof, rust-proof, and probably bulletproof.

This is one of the most practical and useful gifts you can give a Minimalist that loves to consume coffee. 


6. Large Bamboo Cutting Board

This is an essential item in anybody’s kitchen so you cannot go wrong with a good quality cutting board.


For Book Lovers

Minimalists have contradicting views on books. Some make an exception with books and absolutely refuse to discard their books, while others prefer keeping a Kindle to read books online to avoid clutter. 

And then there are Hybrids who read books online and only purchase them if they love them and want to add them to their personal collection. 

Either way, here are a few gifting options you can consider if she loves to read:

1. A book on minimalism

If she’s just getting started with minimalism, you can gift her a book that will enhance her experience and help her fall in love with minimalism. 

2. A Gratitude Journal

Minimalists practise gratitude regularly and this guided journal is perfect for women who want to start their day with positive feelings and gratitude.

Each page of the journal includes space to record expressions of gratitude, personal affirmations, memories of positive interactions, and commentaries on the significance of it all. 


3. A Coloring book for Adults

If she is creative and loves colouring, this coffee coloring book is an excellent gift you can gift her that she will use for a long, long time. 

It was designed for coffee lovers and contains various themes and quotes around coffee.


4. A White Kindle

This Kindle has an adjustable front light that lets you read comfortably for hours—indoors and outdoors, day and night.

A Kindle holds thousands of titles so you can take your library with you.

Gift her the holy grail of reading books – a Kindle


5. A Kindle Subscription

Go all out and gift her a kindle subscription so she can read any book she wants!

A Kindle subscription will work on any device like an iPad, a phone or a Kindle.


Digital Subscriptions

Minimalists declutter and keep their sole focus on experiences and memories rather than physical items. It enhances their lives and they prefer it that way. 

The best gift you can give to a minimalist is something that will enhance their joy and not add clutter to their lives.

Here are my top picks:

1. Audible Subscription

Gift them an audible subscription so that they can go about listening to books while they’re doing their chores or just going about their day.

2. Prime Membership

This is an all-in-one gift because when you gift her Prime, she will get access to all of Amazon Prime’s shows, music and become an Amazon Prime member so all her online deliveries will be prioritized.  

3. Domestika Courses

I am a heavy Domestika user and I believe this is the perfect gift for any woman who is super creative and loves to learn.

She can watch any class related to drawing and illustration, cooking, photography, business, and more!

You can gift her a subscription!

4. Disney +

If she is a Disney lover and an all-time fan, gift her Disney+ so she can rewatch any movie or show forever. 

Technology Gifts

Minimalists believe in value. They buy items that will last them for a long time.

Some of these gifts are definitely on the expensive end but they’re worth it.

1. Sony Wireless Headphones WH-1000Xm4

Whether she likes to commute or prefers spending time outdoors, get her a pair of headphones that plays any type of music beautifully. She can also listen to podcasts while she goes about her daily chores.

You can never go wrong with this set of Sony headphones. I currently own these and I love them so much. I take them everywhere. 


2. Robot Vacuum

Minimalists love keeping their houses clean and tidy always. However, cleaning can be pretty exhausting and sweeping every day is quite a chore.

If you’re looking to save her time, and make cleaning easy for her, I highly recommend this robot vacuum cleaner. With this gift, you’re basically giving her the gift of time, because she can spend her time doing the things she loves.


3. Charging Station

Minimalists hate visual clutter and that means pesky cords that can be seen a mile away.

Gift her a charging station that reduces clutter and saves so much space! She will be super thankful for this neat gift!


4. Air Purifier

Within 2 days of getting an air purifier, my allergies cleared and I felt the air much cleaner and purer.

I have two dogs, and this purifier clears the air of allergens, fur, pollutants and several viruses. An Air Purifier is one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you can gift her this Christmas. 


I hope you found a gift idea for the minimalist woman in your life! Let me know what you decided to buy her this Christmas by leaving a comment below.

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