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Have you experienced those days (or weeks) when you can’t muster any motivation, no matter how hard you try?

And all you want to do is lie in bed and scroll on Social Media.

Welcome to the Lazy Girl Era.

I don’t deny that it’s important to rest and practice self-care to recover from burnout.

But if you’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time, it will affect your growth and productivity.

In this post, I will help you get out of this rut by giving you 7 tiny habits that will kickstart you out of the lazy girl era.

Grab a hot beverage, and let’s dive in!

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1. Set tiny achievable goals

Let’s say you want to get fit and healthy.

Instead of setting a goal like “Become more muscle-toned,” break down that big goal into something more measurable.

Make the goal bite-sized, easy to measure, and a little more realistic.

So, your goals might sound like:

  • Eat 1 helping of veggies with lunch and dinner
  • Drink 3 bottles of water a day
  • Walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes every morning
  • Do 1 Tabata workout for 20 minutes in the evening
  • Complete 10K steps a day

After breaking down my fitness goals into tiny ones like these, I’ve seen progress in weight loss and muscle gain!

Celebrate small wins to build momentum and stay motivated.

2. Create a morning routine you love

This doesn’t happen in a day.

It takes a while to craft a morning routine you love.

But I have some advice for you: Make it entirely yours.

You don’t have to follow YouTube tutorials to follow someone else’s routine. Make one that works for you.

Do something you love in the morning – this will motivate you to wake up early and claim those few extra minutes for yourself!

For instance, I love to read.

So, this motivates me to wake up 30 minutes early to squeeze in some reading before I get to my chores.

Likewise, let’s say you want to draw/play the piano/dance.

Do it in the early hours when nobody else has woken up – it will make you feel alive.

Enjoy that quiet time, and do not open your phone or scroll on social media.

Your morning routine will set the mood for the entire day – so keep it simple.

Focus on grounding yourself.

You can also meditate, journal, and do some light stretching.

This will help you build some good habits and help you stay consistent and productive.

3. Prioritize physical activity

All my life, I’ve been a couch potato.

I am pretty productive, but I’ve never experienced the kind of happiness and activity that I do now.

Moving more genuinely killed my lethargy.

I used to be a massive tea/coffee drinker. And my consumption has drastically reduced.

Just a tiny morning walk with my pups, followed by a light treadmill walk, gives me an energy boost that lasts till the afternoon.

I’ve never been this person – who enjoyed moving, but now I actually look forward to it.

It’s tough to do initially, but you’ll feel entirely different within a month.

Incorporate any movement in your day.

  • Please park your car a bit further and walk to it.
  • Take the stairs when you can.
  • Dance in the kitchen while you’re preparing a meal you love.
  • Sway your hips when vacuuming or air-strum while listening to rock music.

Honestly, be creative.

Do something you love – playing hoops, swimming, aerobics, or lifting weights, go for it.

Most people exercise for health reasons or want to look fit, but they continue exercising because of how it makes them feel.

Those endorphins quite literally charge you!

Consistency is vital, so make it a non-negotiable part of your routine.

4. Declutter your space

It’s hard to focus when there is a lot of visual clutter.

And although you might not feel like it, clutter tends to decrease our focus and motivation.

I started moving toward minimalism about 4 years ago, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Because I have fewer things, I have more time on my hands.

Start small—clear your desk, organize a drawer, or make your bed.

A neat, organized space can help you feel more in control and ready to tackle tasks.

I wrote a post on how you can declutter your whole home -room by room!

5. Limit screen time

I’ve observed that spending less time on my phone motivates me more to do things.

It’s more than a coincidence at this point.

We are overloaded and over-stimulated by our phones.

It’s a blessing but a curse in many ways.

Excessive screen time can drain your energy and time, especially on social media.

Set boundaries for your screen use.

Designate tech-free times, like during meals or before bed. Use apps or features that limit your screen time and encourage you to focus on more productive activities.

It’s hard initially, but with time, you’ll realize that limiting your screen time increases the quality of your life.

6. Practice mindfulness

Have you noticed how easy it is to advise people when facing problems?

But when you experience the same problem, seeing the situation with that clarity becomes almost impossible.

This is the superpower of meditating.

Meditation allows you to observe your life from a distance more objectively.

It allows you to zoom out and watch the situation from a distance without getting carried away with your emotions and feelings.

Meditation changed my life.

It taught me to accept the grief of losing a mom to cancer.

It taught me to let go of my anger towards my ex for cheating on me.

It taught me to make peace with the fact that I was going to lose my dog (my soulmate) to chronic kidney disease.

I have realized that life is transient and constantly changing – only because I started practicing this simple, transformative habit.

Spend a few minutes each day in meditation or deep breathing exercises. Self-reflection is equally essential.

Regularly assess your habits, goals, and feelings.

This practice can help you identify what’s holding you back and find strategies to move forward.

7. Surround yourself with positive influences

No matter how good we are at something, someone will always be better than us.

But how do we find motivation to practice and improve if we are constantly on the comparison train?

Your environment and the people around you significantly impact your motivation.

Surround yourself with positive, goal-oriented individuals who inspire you.

Do not hang around people who tear you down.

I started this fitness journey only because I made friends who constantly strive to improve.

I started reading more only because I went to book clubs and mixed with people who loved learning.

Engage in communities or groups that support your interests and goals. It’s one of the best ways to become interested in the habit you’re trying to improve.

Positive influences can provide encouragement and accountability, making it easy to stay on track.

I hope this post helped motivate you to get out of that rut.

Leave a comment below if you want to chat; I’m all ears.

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