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The year is ending.

It’s Christmas and before you know it the new year will begin.

Sometimes you feel like this year zoomed by and at times you’re hesitant – did you make the best of it?

You are looking for warm, comforting books that tell you you’re doing okay and that reassure you and give you hope.

Except for 1 book, none of these are centered on romance – but more around self-love.

They’re filled with kindness, warmth, love, and hope.

Each book made a remarkable difference in my life and left me feeling warm, happy, and dare I say – inspired.

Make yourself your favorite hot beverage (like a cup of hot chocolate or a gingerbread latte) before reading these warm and comforting books – you’ll thank me.

some warm and comforting books to read during Christmas or tough times

Let’s begin!

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1. The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

I wasn’t expecting much when I picked up this book – I thought it would be a regular coffee table book filled with thoughts and little words of wisdom.

But this book is different.

It’s like a hug – but with words.

Every page will make you think about life and realize how fleeting it is. It will help you appreciate the moments you have now and will inspire you to do something to fill your life with meaning.

Matt Haig has filled this book with learnings along his life – it has everything but in bite-sized pieces that anyone can relish.

It includes all his thoughts and learnings during his tough times.

For people who don’t like reading, pick up this book.

If I could best describe this book – it would be like this: You can finish this book in one sitting, but you’ll choose not to because you wouldn’t want to finish it.

It’s like a chocolate chip cookie – you’ll relish every single bite.

This is one book I will reread every year.

Check out The Comfort Book by Matt Haig here.

2. Kind Words for Unkind Days (A guide to surviving and thriving in difficult times) by Jayne Hardy

I think the title of this book says it all.

I discovered a website called The Blurt when I was reading some articles on depression a couple of months ago. It was so beautiful and thoughtful.

It was like someone was talking to me – that’s how the articles are written on that website.

I like writers who are kind and I knew immediately I needed to read something written by Jayne.

I was elated when I discovered her book and I got it immediately.

This book is a blanket of kindness.

She talks about how important kindness and self-care are and the whole book helps you reset your thoughts.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad week or a bad month – this book is something you should read.

It will help turn it around – it’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone going through a bad time.

I plan on gifting it to one of my friends for Christmas.

Check out Kind Words for Unkind Days here.

3. It’s OK to Feel Things Deeply by Carissa Potter

This book is colorful, warm, and sweet.

Unlike the previous two books, it has extremely bright and happy hand-drawn illustrations throughout the book.

It is mainly targeted toward women who are dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and grief.

It’s a rather cute read – and yes, this makes a great coffee table book and a warm, comforting gift to a friend.

This is another book that is very easy to read – because it doesn’t have a fixed structure and is more like a graphic novel.

For people who don’t want to read a lot and like lots of pictures, analogies, and warm sayings, this book is perfect.

You can check out It’s OK to Feel Things Deeply here.

4. Escape into Cottagecore: Embrace Cosy Countryside Comfort in your Everyday by Ramona Jones

This book is like a magazine for people who love cozy houses, autumn, fairytales, warmth, and pumpkin spice lattes because it has a lot of beautiful photos in it.

This book covers topics like home decor, herbology, fashion, outdoor life, culture, eating comfort foods, and mindfulness.

It’s like a magazine for people who want to live in a cozy cottage.

It’s a beautiful book for the coffee table – it’s very enchanting.

But it isn’t deep.

This is a pretty and light read.

Think scrolling on Pinterest and collecting inspiration – that’s how this book reads.

It’s more aesthetic but I wanted to include it in this list because I know a lot of people do love reading magazines and this is a great hybrid.

I do not recommend this book if you are looking for depth, practical advice, or knowledge. But if you want something pretty, light, and magazine-like – then get it.

You can check out Escape into Cottagecore here.

5. The Strength in Our Scars – Bianca Sparacino

If you’ve been through heartbreak or are recovering from a painful breakup, don’t even think twice.

Pick up this book now.

This book is for everyone who is in a dark place after losing someone they love.

It is poetry that will help you realize that you are not alone and it will give you the strength to heal. It tells you that healing takes time and you’re going to make it.

I recommend it to anyone who is single and needs to feel loved. It’s warm, comforting, and practical.

You can read all the books I recommend for breakups (books that helped me heal) here.

Check out The Strength in Our Scars here.

6. Kindness: The Little Thing that Matters Most by Jaime Thurston

The title of this book is self-explanatory.

It really IS about kindness and after reading it, you will feel more human and more connected to the world.

It’s full of tidbits that describe how you can be kind in small, simple ways and you can do most of these acts as you go about your day.

It includes cute little illustrations and there are real-life examples of these acts having an effect on people.

It is inspiring and it will change the way you live.

After reading this book, my faith in humanity was restored.

It will make you feel warm and happy inside and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to help the world more.

Check out Kindness here.

7. Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books by Cathy Rentzenbrink

Imagine if you could read a book about books and reading – this would be it.

This book is about Cathy’s love for books. The story is about how many books hold a special meaning for her and she recounts them as she talks about certain events of her life.

She talks about books were a treat for her when she was a child – she got them via her library or when her family splurged on her via books.

She talks about the various jobs she held that all surround books.

She started off recommending books to people and eventually worked her way up to a bookseller. The journey is lovely!

She also describes how books affect people and their lives and recounts many experiences indicating how transformative books can really be.

This is a warm, cozy, and brilliant read for anyone who loves books and reading – it’s my top pick.

Check out Dear Reader here.

8. The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

This book is unique.

I have never read anything like it – and I am drawn to books that are different from most because it takes a certain level of skill to stray from the norms and still have it become a bestseller.

This book is about a middle-aged woman who lived the way she was supposed to live all her life.

She is set in her ways and has preconceived notions about the world and its cultures but everything changes when she picks up a novel (she has to read for a living) and she starts to question her life.

She realizes that she has missed out on living and that there is so much more to what she knows.

The stories keep switching between her life and the character in the book and you cannot help but fall in love with the character in the book she’s reading.

His philosophies are all about love, kindness, acceptance, and spirituality.

It also quotes a lot of Rumi and she has managed to strike a beautiful balance between spiritual enlightenment and practicality.

It’s very similar to The Midnight Library – it will make you think and appreciate life so much more.

Check out Elif Shafak – The Forty Rules of Love here.

9. Little Coffee Shop of Kabul – Deborah Rodriguez

This is the second fiction book I am including in this list.

After reading this book, I picked up many other books by Deborah Rodriguez.

Deborah draws from her own experiences as she left America to go to Kabul and start a coffee shop.

The stories she writes are based on the encounters she faced in Kabul.

It’s a whole world within a book and you learn a lot about the women in Kabul and how they live their lives.

It’s a very honest book that describes the difficulties they face. But this book is not hard or heavy to read.

You will feel more aware of the world and you feel comfortable because you will realize that even though these women are leading harsh lives, they care for each other and take refuge in the little coffee shop.

The coffee shop is like a home for all these women who love to bond and share their stories.

Check it out if this blurb peaked your interest.

10. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottlieb

I’ve always known that therapy benefits everyone because it allows us to self-introspect and analyzes our lives with clarity.

This book is for anyone who wants clarity.

This memoir is written by a therapist and it’s beautiful. She helps you realize how your behavior is attributed to many things – like your past, your conditioning, and so on.

She makes you think – this book is an eye-opening experience.

She talks about her own experiences after a breakup and how she went to see a therapist with the intention of just doing a couple of sessions so she could get some help in the beginning and then carry on without it.

But as she talks to her therapist, she realizes that there is so much more to uncover and pull apart.

She is a very compassionate and insightful writer and an extremely open-minded person who wants to be a better therapist and a better patient.

I really enjoyed reading the stories of her clients – some were funny and some were heart-wrenching. She protects the identity of all her patients – so no real names are mentioned.

But this book will help you learn more about human beings and how we are wired – pick it up if you’re looking to learn more about yourself.

Check out the book here.

11. The Little Book of Comfort – Ruskin Bond

This is another wonderful book full of short, wise words.

Each page has a short anecdote or quote that will make you think and motivate you.

I like books like these because anyone can read them – even people who don’t like reading big, clunky books or just don’t have a reading habit.

These are books that are light, warm, and cute.

I usually pick it up when I’m feeling stuck or unmotivated or unable to solve a particular problem.

This book pushes me to think and helps me see the problem with a fresh perspective. It is highly motivational.

And reading this book is a meditative practice on its own.

Check out this lovely book here.


These are all the books I read when I want to feel comforted and I am going through a tough time.

I am an avid reader and I plan on creating more book lists in the future so that we can grow together.

Do you have any favorites that are not on this list? I’m always looking for recommendations. Please leave a comment below!

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