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I’ve been wearing makeup for a long time.

I’ve always struggled with acne, and until this year (when I was able to clear my skin), I’ve had issues with my foundation looking natural.

It always looked splotchy and cakey.

When you have skin imperfections, it’s natural to use more foundation – but the more you use, the more cakey it becomes.

I tried several methods to make it look more natural and dewy. I once copied my friend’s skincare (she’s a makeup artist), and it still looked weird.

So, in addition to covering my mistakes, I will also share how I finally made my foundation look flawless.

If you have acne and want to clear your skin, read my personal blog post about how I cleared my skin in 10 weeks.

Let’s begin, shall we?

It may be slightly long and detailed, but I want you to get the best results, so please bear with me.

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1. Hydrate yourself properly

It doesn’t matter if you hydrate your skin and moisturize it well before your makeup; if you’re dehydrated – your makeup will look off.

So, this is not a quick step—I realize that—but trust me, it is by far one of the most effective ways to look good.

Your makeup will look flawless if your skin is hydrated and plush from moisture.

So, focus on your health first.

Eat a lot of veggies and drink a lot of water.

Your skin will begin to glow in 4-8 weeks naturally.

I promise you – I’ve been consistent for a while, and now I want to stay consistent because the results are so beautiful.

Even my acne cleared up, and that was just a bonus.

Please read my post on how to get glass skin here.

2. Do a sheet mask the night before

Let’s say you have an important day and need your makeup to sit well.

I got this hack from my makeup artist friend.

Since she does makeup for brides, she always tells them to do a sheet mask the night before.

You will wake up with moisturized, supple skin.

I’m not kidding.

It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily; moisturizing is crucial!

I got a great deal on these sheet masks and they’re so refreshing and clean!

3. Prep your skin before applying foundation

Always, always start with a clean face before applying makeup.

Double cleanse if you’re not sure your facewash will remove everything from your face.

And then go in with a good primer.

Despite having combination skin, I use this beautiful face base from Bobbi Brown.

Because it’s 2-in-1 and works as a moisturizer and primer, and it’s so beautiful.

I remember when the lovely gentleman at Sephora gave me these samples and told me, “I know you’ll be back for more.” I was taken aback by his confidence.

But rightfully so. As soon as I tried this sample and saw how dewy and beautiful my makeup was ALL DAY, I got a whole tub!

4. Wear a foundation that’s the right color, tone and texture

I’ve already covered my top foundations for oily skin in this post.

And I’ll be honest – it took me years to find my right match because I had no idea what the difference was between finding your shade match and an undertone match.

So, take some time to understand your skin shade and undertone – and, accordingly, try out different swatches at the store.

Make sure that it matches your neck shade so your face and neck look the same color.

This is how you get your foundation to look flawless.

If you already know your foundation match but want to buy another brand, go to and find your match.

It’s inaccurate, so please go to a makeup store and double-check before buying!

5. Remember less is more

You don’t need as much foundation as you think you do.

It’s okay to show a little imperfection on your skin to make it look more natural.

I am okay with some of my acne marks showing—I still apply foundation, but I don’t use many layers because I still want my skin to look dewy.

I currently use Estee Lauder – Stay-in-Place Foundation because this foundation doesn’t move – period!

How do you apply foundation so that it looks dewy?

  1. Remember to clean your face thoroughly before applying any sort of makeup.
  2. Ensure you use a good sunscreen and then follow with a primer suited for your skin.
  3. Pump the foundation on the back of your hand – never apply it directly to your face.
  4. Use a blending sponge (slightly damp) and gently dab it on the foundation before dabbing it on your face.
  5. Evenly dab it on your skin and softly press it in. You can also use your fingers to dab it or press it into your skin gently. Check out Vincent Ford on Instagram (he’s a trendy makeup artist who uses his fingers to warm the foundation with his fingers before pressing it into his clients’ skin).
  6. If it’s not enough, steps 4 and 5 over your problem areas. Mine is mainly my chin and jawline.
  7. Do not use too much foundation around the eyes (it will crease) and around the mouth on your fine lines.
  8. Take a brush with some translucent powder (dab off the excess) and only touch up areas prone to oiliness like the nose, T-zone, and the fine lines around your mouth – this will help the foundation last long.

Since I stay in India (where there is humidity), I also carry blotting papers to remove the excess oil throughout the day.

I don’t use it as often now because my skin no longer creates that much sebum.

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