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Are there moments where you’re sitting by yourself thinking, “Why can’t I be someone else? Just for one day…”

Do you feel like you’re just not enough? Or do you feel you have to constantly be someone else to fit in?

Are you unable to take rejection or have a fear of being imperfect?

You’re not alone.

As human beings, it is quite natural to overthink who we are and struggle with our identities.

Life isn’t a walk in the park, and being yourself isn’t easy when you’ve gone through so much emotional pain.

In this post, I want to cover the benefits of being yourself so that you know that you are enough and you don’t need to be anyone else to be happy.

Let’s dive in.

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What does being yourself mean?

Being yourself means being true to yourself without worrying about other people’s opinions of you.

It means standing for what you believe in unapologetically and not trying to be somebody else or act like someone else.

Being yourself has multiple benefits, which I will discuss below.

19 benefits of being yourself

1. You’re going to be you no matter where you are

The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself. So, you might as well accept who you are and start loving yourself.

This will make your life so much easier, and you will find peace and contentment.

And by making peace with who you are, you will learn to accept yourself and live a very beautiful life.

2. You will know who you really are

Once you accept who you are and actually love being yourself, you will know who you really are and what you really want from life.

This will save you so much time and from so much hurt.

It will also help you identify your goals and needs so that you can stop wasting time doing other things and just focus on those.

3. You will become more confident

Being yourself will make you super confident!

Because you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, your confidence will radiate from within you.

Confidence is a beautiful and incredibly attractive quality, and it’s not extremely common.

You won’t feel the need to do things out of your comfort zone to gain people’s acceptance.

You will be really secure with who you are.

4. People will naturally be drawn to you

People will be drawn to you like moths to a flame because you love who you are as a person, and you’re constantly yourself.

Have you met those people who are so irresistible because they don’t care if anyone likes them or not? They’re always themselves, no matter what the situation.

You won’t be labeled as “fake.” You will make genuine connections with people wherever you go.

You will instantly become a more likable person.

5. You won’t hesitate to remove toxicity from your life

You will value your peace of mind and life because you love being you and are at peace with who you are.

This means you won’t hesitate to cut out toxic habits or walk away from friendships that no longer serve you. You will be able to leave toxic relationships.

Your life will have less drama and negativity.

And just by eliminating pain and toxicity, the quality of your life will improve drastically!

6. You will become the best version of yourself

You will naturally become better at being yourself because you are comfortable being yourself and are not trying to be someone else.

Your strengths will magnify, and you will be keener to work on your weaknesses.

This will help you elevate your life and help you become a much better person overall.

7. You won’t have anything to prove to anyone

Because you’re always yourself, your words will reflect in your actions. People will have no reason to doubt you because they’ll know you’re a person of your word.

People will love your honesty and trust you with an open heart.

This is one of the best things that will happen to you when you start loving who you are and live an honest life.

8. You will have real friends

Because you are your authentic self, you will attract people who love you for you.

You won’t be pretending to be “cool” or put on a pretense, so you’ll attract folks just as genuine as you are.

It may take some time to find real friends, but the wait is worth it.

Your life will become so much smoother and happier when positive and friendly people surround you.

They will have your back when you need them, and you will never feel alone with the right people around you.

9. You will be extremely patient with yourself

When you are yourself, you will understand who you are, and your self-awareness will increase.

This will help you understand your emotions and thought processes which will help you become more mature.

You will develop qualities like empathy, patience, and unending understanding.

When you’re going through a rough time and not feeling great, you won’t judge yourself or become highly anxious because you’ll know yourself well enough to understand that you’re just going through a bad phase.

This self-awareness is priceless.

You will be patient with yourself and know that you’ll come out the other side right as rain.

10. You will trust yourself to make good decisions

When you know who you are and you’re confident that you’re doing what’s best for you, you’ll trust yourself beyond all measures.

You will be fine-tuned to your inner self, and you won’t hesitate to make the right decision for yourself.

When you’re not yourself or trying to imitate someone else or win the favor of your friends or partner, you’ll put yourself last and make decisions that won’t help you or benefit you in any way.

This will lead to poor decision-making.

That’s why it’s essential to be yourself and love yourself for who you are.

11. Life will become so much easier

Because you are not pretending to be someone else or doubting who you are constantly, you won’t be stressed or have any guilt whatsoever.

Your life will be so much easier and more peaceful.

12. You won’t hesitate to say no

Because you love yourself and value your time and energy, you will put your needs first.

This means you won’t hesitate to say no to people or things that won’t make you happy.

You will be confident in who you are, and you’ll be okay being by yourself. This means you won’t be a people-pleaser, and you’ll do things that make you genuinely happy.

By saying no to things you don’t like, you will make room for the things you love.

Just by cutting out all the negativity, you will find it so much easier to live a good and uplifting life.

13. You will change the lives of others

When you’re not afraid to be who you are, you will shine like a light, and you’ll be highly bright and radiant.

This type of light is unique and remarkable and will attract people from all walks of life to you.

They will be inspired to be themselves, too, and will draw courage from your light.

You will make a radical change in the world when you are unafraid to be yourself, and this by far is one of the best benefits of being yourself!

14. You’ll discover what you were meant to do

If you’ve always been stuck trying to figure out your life purpose or personal goals, then start being yourself.

Doing just this will help you discover what you were meant to do in this world.

15. You will accept your flaws and be open to working on yourself

When you know yourself and accept yourself for who you are, you will accept yourself for the good and the bad.

This means that you will know your weaknesses and flaws, and you won’t hesitate to work on them to become a better person.

16. You will become more human

Because you’re not keen on impressing anyone and love who you are, you will understand what it’s like to be human, and you will be able to forgive others for being human quickly.

This kind of self-awareness helps you become more kind and patient with those around you because you’re so attuned to your inner self.

17. You will handle difficult situations well

Because you trust yourself and know exactly what you are, you won’t panic every time you hit a rough patch.

You’ll be able to develop a plan and stick to it no matter what happens.

You won’t be perturbed easily. You will know how to let go of the past and focus on the present moment alone.

18. People will appreciate you for your honesty

You will be extremely trustworthy when you’re honest with people and have nothing to hide.

People will love confiding with you and sharing their problems with you because they know you will tell them the truth, and you’ll say it like it is.

This in turn will increase your empathy and listening skills. You will find it easier to connect with people from all walks of life because you will become a good listener and be patient.

You also won’t hesitate to be honest with them and give it to them straight so they will see you as a necessity in their lives.

19. Your creativity will surge

Because you’re so focused on your own path and are constantly looking for ways to become better at things you already love, your creative skills will improve tremendously.

This will benefit you greatly, and you will find happiness in the things you really love doing.


Being yourself all the time is easier said than done.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you slip up or do something because you’ve been influenced by someone else or you just lost control of the situation.

Take some time for yourself and focus on the positives.

Reset and start over. Don’t look back. Just focus on the present and be yourself.

Your life will become so much better.

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