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There are times when people will say a genuine thank you and you can draw a blank when it comes to responding.

It’s not easy because we don’t usually expect gratitude and saying, “You’re welcome.” can sound so incredibly formal and impersonal.

For these situations alone, I’ve compiled this list of different ways to respond to a ‘thank you’ so that it doesn’t get awkward.

Let’s begin!

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25 ways to respond to a thank you

Here are different ways to say thank you

1. It was my pleasure

Letting someone know that it was something you genuinely enjoyed doing for them and it wasn’t a hassle for you is one of the nicest responses you can give to their gratitude.

It can be used in any context – in any work or any social setting.

2. That’s totally alright

If the person feels they’ve slightly inconvenienced you in any way while they’re thanking you, then you can tell them that it’s perfectly alright.

3. Don’t mention it

If the person is super close to you, and you were more than happy to help them, then this is the perfect phrase to tell them.

It can convey that you don’t need the thank yous and that you’re always happy to help.

This phrase can be used in an informal setting.

4. No, thank you!

If you and a friend/date went out and had a nice day together, and they thank you, you can thank them back for the lovely day you’ve both had.

Thank yous can be returned.

5. Happy to help

If it’s a close friend or family member that’s asked for your help and you’ve supported them in their time of need, then this is a lovely phrase that you can use when they say thank you.

You can also use this in emails when someone has thanked for you a bit of advice you passed on to your colleague or business person.

6. You’re welcome, I know you’d have done the same if I were in your shoes

If a friend thanks you, this is a perfect response.

This will make them feel a lot better because you’re reminding them how close you both are to each other and it wasn’t any trouble at all to help them.

7. It was no trouble at all

This particular phrase can be used in any social context when someone thanks you.

8. No problem!

You can use this when you do someone a tiny favor and they thank you profusely. It can be used in any casual or informal setting.

9. It’s alright

This is another phrase that can be used in a casual setting where you’re just doing a tiny favor for the person.

10. Happy to be of service

You can use this response if you are in the service industry and someone has thanked you for your service. This is definitely a phrase you can use in a work setting.

11. You’re a wonderful person and it was my pleasure

Paying a compliment back when a person is thanking you is solid gold. I often use this with people I love and care about.

12. You’re welcome, happy to help!

Spice up the welcome phrase by adding that you were super happy to help and it will make the receiving end feel so much better about themselves.

13. You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy it!

If you’ve given a gift to someone and they thank you, this is the perfect phrase to tell them.

14. It was my honor

This can sound very traditional, but if you have helped someone you love with all your heart or someone you genuinely look up to, then this phrase fits aptly.

15. You’re welcome, thank you for the opportunity

This is a nice phrase to use at work. If a higherup has asked you for a favor or asked you to complete a task and then thank you, you can express your gratitude to them giving you a chance to prove yourself.

16. You’re welcome, I’m so glad you liked it

You can use this phrase when someone thanks you for a gift that they’ve already expressed love for.

17. You’re welcome and I’m here for you always

When someone I love says thank you and I want them to know that they can come to me anytime with their problems, this is what I tell them.

You can say this to family members or friends.

18. Anytime

You can use this in a casual setting when you’ve done something nice for a friend. It also means that you’re comfortable doing them small favors and you’d be more than happy to do it again.

19. Think nothing of it

You can say this to the best of friends who you never think twice to help!

20. Absolutely!

You can say this to work colleagues or friends. It’s a short and sweet phrase.

21. De nada!

It’s a cute way of saying you’re welcome in Spanish. Spice up your welcome phrase by saying it in Spanish instead!

21. Don’t worry about it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat

I say this to my really close friends with who I’d fly to the moon and back. And I want them to know that I’d never think twice to help them again.

Use this phrase for people you really care about.

22. It’s the least I could do

If someone is profusely thanking you for something that took a second for you do, like holding a door open for someone, then you can use this phrase.

23. You’re welcome, I’m happy to do my part

This is a quote that can be used in a work setting when someone has thanked you for doing something that was part of your job description.

You can also thank them for the opportunity. This shows you’re extremely modest and humble.

24. I’m humbled

When someone who you look up to thanks you, you can use this quote to let them know how you feel about doing something nice for them.

25. Don’t sweat it

I use this with my friends when it’s very casual and I hardly took a minute out of my day to do something nice for them.

These casual phrases can be used with friends/classmates/colleagues.

How do you respond to a thank you humbly – Conclusion

At the end of the day, when someone thanks you – humbly accept it.

The person is acknowledging how kind you were to do something for them.

They’re making open and honest communication and are expressing gratitude. So, don’t dismiss it by saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

It can make the person feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Being humble and modest will take you very far in life.

Now you know how to respond to someone when they say thank you!

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