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Are you bored to the point where you just want to feel something?

Are you bored of scrolling non-stop on your phone and just want to do something that activates all your senses?

You’ve come to the right place!

We all need those feel-good hormones.

That rush is good for everyone from time to time.

So often, we get wrapped up with life and the day-to-day chores, that we run on autopilot.

Sometimes, it is essential to have fun and just feel the rush.

Here are a few things you can do to spice up your routine that doesn’t involve going way over the edge.

Because in the end, you want to have fun – not ruin your life.

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37 Impulsive things to do that are fun and will make you feel good!

1. Go on a bike ride

go for a bike ride

Take your bike and ride absolutely anywhere.

Just make sure you stay safe by carrying your essentials in your backpack like a bottle of water, a power bank, your phone, and some snacks.

Take this opportunity to go out and just explore the areas around you.

You don’t need to have a destination in mind – this will help you become more adventurous and mindful.

2. Get a new haircut

Are you tired of wearing the same hairstyle for years?

Why not switch it up and try something new?

If your hair is already short and you want to do something new, get a new hair color!

Just do something rad – it will not only brighten up your face but it will give you a fresh look!

3. Get a tattoo

You’ve been meaning to get a tattoo for years but you’ve debated about it for a long time.

This is the push you need to get a tattoo.

If you’re not feeling like getting a prominent tattoo on skin that will be visible to everyone, why not get something small on your back or your shoulder?

Remember, the tattoo is for you. So, let it be something beautiful and meaningful for you.

You can also get a tattoo of something that reminds you how you got through bad times – something to inspire you and keep you going.

Most tattoo parlors will see you immediately especially if you go on a weekday.

If you’re still not feeling it, get a temporary tattoo!

Or if you’re really creative and artistic, why not learn how to draw your own tattoos? This beginner tattoo drawing class is so much fun!

Tattooing for beginners

4. Take an unplanned road trip

You can either call your besties and ask them to go on a road trip, or you can do it yourself.

Hit Google to see what the map looks like before you go!

It will be fun!

You can go visit a nearby town, scout the place, and return back within a day or two. It doesn’t need to be grand.

Driving on the road will help you get some much-needed me-time.

5. Go to a fancy hotel and get a spa

If you’re in the mood to be seriously pampered because you’ve had a rough week, go to the fanciest hotel and get a spa.

You will not only relax but you will also be treated like royalty.

Sometimes, it’s nice to pamper yourself and just take it easy.

6. Visit a friend in another city

visit a friend

Make sure you call your friend to ensure they are free first and then catch the next flight or drive there to spend a whole day with your bestie.

Spend the whole day with them and then come back home the same day or the next.

It will definitely help you recharge and feel so much better!

7. Chat with someone new

Whenever I was bored when I was younger, I’d open up random chats and starts chats with new people.

It was exciting to talk to people from different parts of the world.

Just remember to be safe and not disclose any personal information – you never know who you’re talking to.

8. Eat at a fancy restaurant

Whenever I need a serious pick-me-up, I just head on over to a really fancy restaurant and order some nice, expensive items from the menu.

It can get tiring eating home-cooked food or takeout.

Once in a while, it’s okay to pamper yourself and treat your palette to some delicious, perfectly seasoned food.

9. Leave notes for random people

I love carrying post-it notes. And sometimes, I write little notes and leave them in public spaces – they’re usually positive and happy notes.

I know what it’s like to be lonely and sometimes even the smallest encouragement or smile from someone can really brighten up your day.

So, this not only helps you feel better but will also help so many other people!

Another great idea is to go to a used bookstore and leave notes inside books.

10. Try a new drink

Go to Starbucks and try a random item from their menu – instead of ordering your go-to drink – take a leap of faith.

Try something new and shake up your routine – who knows?

It might just end up being your new favorite drink!

11. Send postcards to people you love

Once in a while, I actually enjoy buying postcards or a letter pad and I write personalized letters or notes to people I love.

Then I go to the post office and send them all.

It’s such a delight to send people mail.

And I guarantee you that there is not one person that doesn’t like receiving physical mail!

Let’s bring this trend back!

12. Go to the beach

go to the beach

Instead of always planning your trips to the beach, just pack your stuff and go!

Pack a nice picnic basket, your swimwear, a good book, and some sandcastle tools, and get moving!

Remember to carry sunscreen – you don’t want to get sun damage.

13. Go for a meetup

There are apps and websites where you can find people who are meeting up. Just open the app and check out where people are hanging.

Most usually, people will be gathering to talk about something.

If it’s right up your alley or even close to something that you are passionate about, just go.

Don’t think twice.

I did this a lot when I was single and I made some really good friends.

It’s always exciting to meet people and hear them talk.

If you’re shy, it will give you an opportunity to talk and make some genuinely good friends!

14. Go to a show

Check out what band/stand-up is happening in your locality and just go!

Don’t even think twice.

The idea here is to be spontaneous.

Just go out and have fun – forget what’s happening at home and just get involved in something that will take you far away!

15. Bake something delicious

I love baking something once in a while.

You can try baking a cheesecake or go for something like a fancy chocolate cake with multiple layers.

You can cut up the cake and distribute it to your neighbors and friends when you’re done.

Or you can eat the whole thing yourself.

There are so many beautiful recipes online – you will be spoilt for choice!

16. Go to a psychic or astrologer

Although I don’t believe in people being able to see the future, I do love to keep an open mind and listen.

It’s a lot of fun to just listen to people talk about what you are going to experience.

Just go – it’s not that expensive and you might get some real insights about your life!

17. Throw a party

throw a quick party

Sometimes when my boyfriend and I are feeling strung out from work, we throw a small get-together.

It’s so much fun making finger food and calling people over.

Get out some fun board games, plan the music and take your time deciding the theme of the party.

People will never say no to a party!

18. Make an album

It’s nice to have photos on your phone, but it’s even better to keep the most precious moments in physical albums.

If there is a person or a stage of your life that is really meaningful to you, why not dedicate an entire physical photo album to that?

I love creating albums around my dogs, my late mum and a few important moments of my life.

It really helps you become very creative and it’s nice to build a book around beautiful memories.

19. Go bungee jumping

Do you want to feel a good adrenaline rush?

Then do something extreme.

Just go online and check what is the closest bungee jumping spot and go!

Do something fun!

You can even go rock climbing, kart racing, and so on!

20. Work on an art project

Get your hands dirty and try something totally new.

I love paper-mache projects.

I used to watch Art Attack and try my hand at everything I saw. Look for some cool art projects that you can make with paper mache.

If you don’t have supplies, go to a nearby art store and get your hands on some paints and tools.

And then get to work.

These projects work well with friends as well!

21. Make an intricate recipe

Is there a dish you always love eating outdoors but have never dared to make in your home?

Now is your chance to try something new and be bold!

Look up some recipes online and watch some Youtube videos. Then go grocery shopping and handpick the best ingredients.

Come home and cook the recipe from scratch!

It’s spontaneous and you’ll have a delicious home-cooked meal at the end of this activity!


22. Karaoke

You don’t even need friends for this activity.

Just go to a club/pub and sing your heart out in front of complete strangers. This is not only fun, but it will help you combat your fear of singing in front of people.

Not to mention, it’s a totally random thing to do!

23. Start a journal

start a journal

Have you always wanted to start a journal and record your daily activities and feelings but never actually gotten around to doing it?

Now is your chance!

Just grab a notebook (don’t spend too much time picking out one because it will push you to

24. Play Wordle

This is a game that’s taking the internet up by the storm.

It’s so cool to play and you can build a streak by playing every day – it’s fun to tally your score with friends too!

Give it a shot!

25. Give origami a shot

This is a lovely activity because you don’t need many materials – all you need is paper!

Get out some paper, open Youtube, and start folding away!

If you enjoy this craft, there are so many origami books you can buy too!

26. Change your wardrobe

Are you tired of always wearing the same outfits?

Change up your style!

Go to a mall and buy clothes you wouldn’t normally buy.

I suddenly took a liking to large, brightly colored tee shirts and hoodies (brownie points if they have my favorite cartoon characters on them)- I pair them with denim shorts and sneakers.

Try something new that won’t break the bank – it will really motivate you to live more positively and be happy!

The 90s are back.

27. Try a coloring app

There are so many coloring apps for kids and adults.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a phone or tablet, just hunt for a nice coloring app and start coloring – it’s so much fun!

And it’s very soothing.

28. Redecorate a room in your house

Redecorate a room in your home

I recently got some new plants for my office and it brightened up the whole room!

Just get a few accent pieces for your room and brighten it up!

Maybe you can get some wall art or a new sofa chair to brighten up a certain corner in your room. Or you can get a few plants!

If you’re up for a challenge, paint a whole wall with an accent color. It will really spruce up your home and make it look fresh and unique!

29. Make a new cocktail

Are you craving a nice drink that will pack a punch but you’re tired of trying out the same old flavors?

Then it’s time to try out a new cocktail recipe!

You can either look to the internet for some spicy ideas or concoct your own if you’re brave enough to try!

30. Try cake decorating

I’m not kidding when I tell you how much fun I had taking this online course on cake decorating.

Cake decorating class

This is such a lovely skill to have and it’s pretty easy to pick up.

You can get some cake-decorating tools and just get started.

31. Try Zumba

I find exercising kinda boring but I know I feel insanely good after I’ve got my blood pumping.

So, instead of regular yoga or running, try something you haven’t.

Go for a physical Zumba class in your neighborhood and dance your worries away.

If you’re too shy to dance outdoors, open up Youtube and dance like no one is watching.

You will feel alive and so full of joy!

And that endorphin rush will give you a much-needed spark to your whole day!

32. Declutter a whole room

I reread these books whenever I’m in need of decluttering my home:

I love organizing and decluttering because it helps me stay focused and productive.

Try decluttering or organizing a room completely from start to finish – this is definitely a big project but if you’re up to the challenge – take it on!

33. Learn some new dance moves

Are you tired of going to parties and always repeating those 3 dance steps your body just knows by heart?

Here’s the chance to rock your next party and show off some cool moves that you can learn right now.

Watch some videos on TikTok or Youtube and learn some interesting dance moves!

34. Buy a gift for someone

Do you know someone that is going through a hard time?

Maybe you can buy them a gift and give it to them while you’re having a coffee with them?

I love shopping for people I love.

It’s such a wonderful way to bond with people and make them feel better. Here is a list of gifts you can get people that don’t like things or are minimalists.

35. Rearrange your whole closet

redecorate the closet

I love doing this once every six months.

There are so many clothes we’ve not worn for years – it’s best to box them up and give them to homeless people or shelters that will distribute them properly.

There are so many organizations that need clothes, so why not make someone’s day better by giving them all your clothes that you don’t wear anyway?

You’re not only going to tidy up your closet and make room for the things you love, but you’ll also be spreading kindness and joy!

36. Take your pet to the park

My younger pup loves playing with other dogs. So, I take her to the dog park every alternate day and just let her play with other pups.

She has the time of her life and I get to talk to other adults who have no time for themselves because they’re too busy pampering their pooches.

It’s a win-win!

37. Go star-gazing

I live in an apartment so once in a while when I’m feeling bored of sleeping in my bed, I’ll lay out duvets and sheets on the balcony and just cuddle with my pooches while I watch the skyline.

It’s a lovely feeling.

If you have a backyard, then you’re in luck.

If you don’t have a terrace or balcony, then take a basket to the park and spend a night watching the stars – it’s such a mindful and peaceful experience.

Everybody should do this once every couple of months.

It makes you realize how small and insignificant our worries are compared to the size of the universe.


The idea behind this list of impulsive things to do is to help you step out of your shell and just try something new.

It will get your blood pumping and help you break away from the monotony.

You will never know what you’re good at unless you experiment and try lots of different things.

Sometimes all we need is a taste to discover what we are actually good at and what we genuinely enjoy.

So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try something new!

Life is short and it’s up to you to make every moment count!

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