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Are you out and all by yourself with nothing to do?

When I was single and living alone, finding something to do every day was hard.

I work from home for myself, so it wasn’t always easy to hang out with my friends because they had day jobs.

So, I had to get creative.

Staying at home was great.

But I like going out occasionally because working from home every day really kills my productivity.

I know the feeling of being alone and feeling lonely. It took me some time to find happiness by myself.

Just because you’re by yourself, doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. You can do so many things to pass time and find pure joy again.

Let’s get started!

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Is it normal to be alone outside?

Is it normal to be outside alone?

Short answer, yes!

You don’t necessarily need to have someone tail you or accompany you every time you step out.

  • It’s okay to be directionless and have nothing to do.
  • It’s alright to wander around and explore.
  • It’s completely okay not to have plans or just be by yourself.
  • It’s okay to spend time by yourself and enjoy your own company!

Make sure you’re safe and in pretty crowded places if you’re worried about your safety.

Being alone outside gives your mind a chance to wander and breathe.

It is a wonderful chance to be inspired or just take a breather.

It is healthy to step outside of your comfort zone and do new things.

Let’s see how we can have fun!

45 fun things to do outside alone

1. Go to a bookshop

I honestly love book shops and can pass so much time in one – several hours.

Why not visit a book shop if you’re looking for a good book to read?

To people who don’t read, it’s not that you don’t like reading – you’ve just not found the right book.

There are so many different genres of books to read – graphic novels, comics, illustrated guides, autobiographies, just go to each section and browse till you find something worth picking up.

You have all the time in the world.

2. Take your bike out

Why not take your bike out if you just want to get a dopamine hit?

Explore the city or take a familiar route.

Just remember to don some sunscreen and carry a backpack of essentials like water, a snack, etc., if you plan on biking for long.

3. Explore your town or city

I never realized Bangalore’s size and beauty until I started exploring it.

See if there are botanical gardens in your city, or check out old establishments that have been there for 50 years or more.

Just run a simple Google search to check out what beautiful places your town or city has.

I remember visiting a famous cafe for breakfast, and it was the same cafe that Queen Victoria had eaten in once when she visited India.

The breakfast was lovely.

My boyfriend and I still go once a month to catch a lovely breakfast there.

4. Journal

Journaling is something I enjoy doing.

And I’m sure you have some unused notebooks lying around.

If not, get yourself a cute notebook and start writing. It’s never too late to start a journal.

Just hop to your nearest cafe or a cafe whose coffee you’ve been meaning to try for a while and journal.

Don’t overthink it. Just pour out your thoughts.

It’s fun!

You can also start a bullet journal!

Don’t know where to begin? Take this fun online course to get started!

5. Sketch a picture

If you love drawing or doodling, drawing outside is the best way to learn to draw without a reference.

You can sketch people on napkins or get an actual sketchbook to do that!

You can sketch shops or pretty brand labels you like.

You can make an illustrated journal and even sketch recipes.

Or you can just sketch your cup of coffee in front of you.

Take your art tools with you, or better yet, take your iPad – it’s one of my all-time favorite activities to do outside – digital art!

There have even been instances where people have asked me out of genuine curiosity about what I am drawing and have been fascinated with my line of work.

It’s an excellent way to start a conversation and meet people too!

If you’re not an artist, you can just get some adult coloring books or download a coloring app and color while sitting in a cafe or restaurant – it’s very relaxing.

6. Take a walk in the park

If you want fresh air, why not take a walk in the park?

You can explore a new park or walk in the one that’s close to your home.

You can listen to music on your headphones or just take in your surroundings.

There are so many ways to enjoy a casual stroll in the park.

7. Read a book outside

I usually prefer cafes, but if you like sitting in gardens or parks, you can sit under the shade of a tree and read a good book.

You can read a book at the beach.

8. Visit a museum or an art gallery

Go to a museum or art gallery

Museums are not just a pass-time; they’re a learning experience.

It’s a different experience compared to reading a book or watching a video on Youtube.

So, check out the museums or art galleries you have in your town and city and give it a spin!

9. Do some outdoor-yoga

Yoga and meditation are surprisingly so rejuvenating.

You can just meditate if you’re not keen on doing yoga outdoors.

Do guided meditation if you haven’t meditated before.

There is a small learning curve, but your mental health and overall well-being will just become so much better with this 1 practice.

10. Take a physical class

I love learning and never shy away from picking up a new skill.

You can check out some physical classes you have around you and join one.

The opportunities are endless. You can either pick up a new skill learning:

  • To play a musical instrument
  • Some type of defense class
  • A wonderful hobby like cooking, baking, drawing, pottery, sewing, etc.
  • A new language

This is also a wonderful opportunity to make friends who have similar interests to yours!

Alternatively, you can also check out Domestika. I’m always buying online courses there! They have so many courses in creative fields like knitting, photography, drawing, writing, music, etc., and you can do just about anything!

Pick up a new skill!

I honestly love Domestika because their courses are so beautifully organized, and the resources they provide after every class is so helpful to help you learn better! Not to mention, it’s not expensive. Use STRAYCURLS-10 to get a 10% discount on any course you buy!

11. Go to a farmer’s market

I love checking out organic produce. It not only inspires me to eat healthily, but you end up walking a lot and meeting so many new people.

It’s also a fun way to learn more about small businesses.

12. Learn a new language while on the run

You can download the Duolingo app and just plug in your AirPods. Roam the city or take a long bus ride while listening to a podcast in a new language.

You don’t always have to sit indoors to learn.

Looking at trees or people while you listen to relaxing podcasts in a new language is a fun way to pass time.

13. Hit a workout session

Do a group workout

If you’ve been meaning to get healthy and fit for a while, why not check out some fitness classes near you?

There are so many wonderful and fun options for people who struggle to exercise (me).

Check out everything near you; maybe you’ll discover a fun dance class or workout you’ve never heard of before!

One of my closest friends prefers working out in classes because working in a group motivates her to become fit.

14. Plan a trip

If you’ve meant to get out of the house for a while, why not plan a nice weekend trip somewhere?

Look at nearby spots with fun activities for travelers and tourists and plan properly!

You can take a trip by yourself and just hit reset on your life.

If you plan your trip in advance, you’ll also be able to save a lot of money on tickets and your stay there.

15. Go to your favorite restaurant

Take yourself out on a nice date and enjoy a fancy meal yourself. No, it is not weird to eat alone.

It’s a beautiful experience to enjoy your food and order anything you like without worrying about other people’s tastes and preferences.

You can also order a bottle of wine if you’d like.

Learn to enjoy your own company!

16. Feed birds in the park

If you’ve been meaning to do something peaceful, why not go and feed some birds in the park?

It’s very relaxing.

17. Go rock-climbing

Back at my old place, we had an abandoned quarry nearby, and I would love to go rock climbing.

You can also go to an establishment to be safer and rock climb. It’s a hell of a lot of fun!

18. Go for a hike

Check out your local trails and book a hike for yourself.

It’s a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and spend quality time alone.

19. Have a picnic by yourself

Have yourself a picnic

Pack some sandwiches, juice, or coffee, and just go for a picnic to a place you love.

You can read a book or play a videogame on your portable PlayStation.

Do whatever you feel like – it’s your picnic!

20. Go to a concert

Check out who is playing near you and just go to a concert all by yourself.

My boyfriend would do this a lot when he was in the USA because he loves music and just wanted to have so much fun experiencing it live.

21. Go to an open-air theatre

Life is all about experiences.

If you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out.

Just book a ticket and go – it’s definitely an experience you’ll remember!

22. Go to Ikea

You don’t need to spend all your money in Ikea.

You can go just to get some inspiration to decorate your room, or you can go for an outing.

Spend the day in Ikea, eat their famous meatballs, and get yourself a cute mug for spending the whole day outside or a functional piece you’ll use every day.

23. Pitch a tent in the wilderness

If you’ve been meaning to become one with nature, just go and explore the outdoors.

Take some smores and have fun!

24. Give yourself a makeover at the mall

Get a makeover done

If you’ve been meaning to get yourself a wonderful makeover, why not go to Sephora and try a new look?

It’s a wonderful way to rediscover yourself and buy new makeup products that work for you.

You can also research and get yourself some skincare.

25. Write poetry outside

It’s very difficult to write all day indoors.

If you’re a writer or a poet and have been meaning to get some inspiration, take your laptop outdoors and use this opportunity to write something out of the box.

26. Have a spa day

Call a good spa space and book an appointment for yourself.

This is an excellent way to take care of yourself.

A spa will help you get rid of your sore muscles, reduce your anxiety and make you feel overall relaxed and rejuvenated.

You’ll get the best sleep of your life right afterward, too!

27. Watch a movie

Has there been a movie you’ve meant to watch for a long time but never made the time to?

Now is your chance.

Go to a movie theatre and just watch a movie by yourself.

I remember waiting to go to see Toy Story 4. I took my Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures and watched it all by myself in a theatre – it was an amazing experience.

28. Go stargazing

Looking at the stars brings a sense of wonderment to us because we realize just how small we are compared to the universe.

Just set down a blanket in your backyard or a park and stargaze.

29. Try Archery

Check out some fun hangouts and see if they have archery. You can book a whole hour and practice your shooting.

30. Go to an Arcade

Go to an arcade by yourself

You can do this with friends, or you can do it by yourself.

Check out your local arcades and play a few games close to your heart.

31. Play with your pooch

If you have a pet, you know your pet will never say no to a walk.

You can set a whole day aside for your beloved pet and take them exploring. There are so many pet cafes that love having dogs and cats.

So make a whole day out of it and pamper your pet thoroughly – they deserve it.

32. Go for a long drive

If you have a car, why not just make a solo trip out of the day and go for a long drive.

You can stop by a diner or a cafe for brunch and then drive back.

33. Go swimming

You can either go to your local pool or just take a trip to the beach.

Swimming is so relaxing – just remember to carry lots of sunscreens so that you’re safe.

34. Birdwatching

One of the best activities you can do by yourself is bird-watching.

There are so many tutorials online to get started. All you need are a pair of binoculars, and you’re good to go!

35. Fly a kite

You can go to a supermarket, buy a kit and build it yourself before you go to a park and fly it.

In India, people even have kite flying competitions; they’re so much fun!

36. Improve your photography

Just take your phone or camera and hit the road.

There are so many people who love being photograph subjects – you just have to ask.

You can also take some cool nature pictures – whatever floats your boat!

37. Go on an online date

you can do online dating.

Download a dating app and create a profile.

I met my beau on a dating app called Hinge, and we’re going to complete a year soon!

Online dating isn’t hard.

Just create a fun profile and get started by talking to people. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect way to get to know someone.

You can meet them for lunch or just have a coffee with them.

The date doesn’t have to be a big steak dinner – just focus on meeting new people.

38. Kayaking or paddleboarding

There are so many water sports you can try out if you’ve been meaning to try something new.

Just research a bit about them on Google or look for spots in your city or town where you can get some first-hand experience!

39. Metal detecting

If you have a metal detector, then this is one fun hobby!

40. Go to a drive-in

If you have a flair for old films, find a local drive-in and enjoy a black-and-white movie.

It’s very replacing and will bring back loads of memories.

41. Volunteer at a charity

There are so many people out there who would benefit from your time. Why not volunteer at a local charity?

You can even take a box of some canned foods and clothes to a local center for the homeless.

You can even spend some time volunteering to help you familiarize yourself with people and make them happy.

We even have dog shelters here where we can sign up and help out for the whole day.

Check your animal shelters as well and see if this is an option!

If you’ve been wondering what to do with your extra cash, you can find charities online and donate to them to help a cause that is close to your heart.

42. Play badminton

Find out if people are playing near you. Just book a slot and have fun playing with random strangers. It’s quite an interesting sport!

43. Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

Enjoying nature is something that is best done alone, in my opinion.

You can watch squirrels, birds, and little critters just doing their business or admire the flowers and trees and breathe in the wonderful scents around you.

It’s a very mindful and beautiful activity.

44. Go to old buildings

Whenever I visit a new city, I make it a point to visit old buildings like palaces, churches, or temples.

Just admiring their architecture and trying to decipher the story behind the place will make you appreciate life and history.

45. Go to an amusement park

I love amusement parks.

I am a sucker for hotdogs and popcorn. And I genuinely love just looking at other people playing and having fun.

It gives me joy and makes me realize that we are all children at heart.

It’s a happy place that you can go to anytime!


I hope this post helped give you loads of ideas of things to do outside alone.

Being alone isn’t bad. It’s a lot of fun because it allows you to rediscover yourself and figure out who you really are.

More importantly, it allows you to experience many beautiful things by yourself and truly take it all in.

Angela is a 30 year old Illustrator and Blogger living with her 2 adorable labradors in Bangalore, India. She has a degree in Psychology and Human Relationships from the University of Toronto. When she's not writing her heart out or drawing, you'll find her sipping chai and reading non-fiction books.

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