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You guys got together to have fun and you don’t feel like leaving the house.

I got you.

My friends and I get together all the time and sometimes we just don’t feel like going out.

So, here are some things to do when bored at home with friends!

Let’s begin.

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1. Make a homemade pizza together

make a homemade pizza together

This is one of our favorite activities to do when we get together.

Because some of us are vegetarians/vegans, we make a whole lot of mini pizzas.

The dough pretty much remains the same, but the cheese and topics will vary.

You can make different pizzas together and experiment with a variety of toppings.

Pizzas take only 10-15 minutes to bake and you can either do 1 big pizza with different toppings for each slice or you can make many little pizzas.

We do the latter.

It’s such a fun and enjoyable activity.

2. Play charades

I’ve been playing this since I was a child with my friends.

You need at least 3 people to play this game.

If you have 4 or more, you can form teams and play against each other.

I know we’re not supposed to keep score, but playing charades is more fun when it’s competitive, and yes, sometimes we do get argumentative but that’s fun too!

3. Create a batch of cookies

bake cookies

This is not just a Christmas activity but it’s something you can enjoy throughout the year if you love cookies.

I am a traditionalist and I only bake chocolate chip cookies but this year we are going to try gingerbread cookies and experiment with cookie decoration after taking this class about decorating cookies with icing.

cookie decoration with royal icing

We watched it together and we are going to try decorating our cookies with icing this time.

4. Write a letter

This is an activity that can be done at any age.

You can write a letter to absolutely anyone.

You can write a letter to your future self. Or you can write a letter to someone you care about.

Then you can add stickers, photos, and drawings to your letters too.

This process is a lot of fun and I used to do this with my friends growing up.

Sometimes, we even wrote letters to each other.

It may sound silly, but if you are very creative and verbal, you can make this is a beautiful activity.

5. Order takeout and just talk

order take out and talk

It’s funny how we can hang out together so much and just not talk.

If you and your friends want to talk, just talk.

Order some really good take out and sit together on a balcony or a rooftop and talk about anything and everything.

You can sit down with some wine or beer and order chinese or a pizza and just talk.

6. Dye or color each other’s hair

You can use hair chalk if you don’t want anything permanent – especially if you have to go to school/work tomorrow.

But if you are up for a challenge, dye your hair a bright and daring color or you can play safe and just get hair color streaks instead!

This is such a fun process.

Having your friends bleach and dye your hair is a whole day’s process and it’s a lot of fun!

7. Play a card game

play cards

My friends and I like to play Uno.

But there are other card games that you can check out if you love playing games:

8. Do a movie marathon

This can be done at any age.

My friends and I would sit and do all kinds of marathons.

Once we had a horror movie marathon – this forced us to stay up till morning because everyone was scared to sleep.

And then we’ve done a Harry Potter Marathon and a Pirates of the Carribean marathon too.

Just pick a movie series, make some popcorn and snacks together and watch.

Brownie points if you can make jokes together and laugh about it.

9. Play a video game together

play video games

My friends and I loved playing video games together in college.

We’d go to an internet cafe and play together.

But there are all kinds of games you can play even on your TV. Go to Air Console and install the app on your mobile and tv.

Then you can play cool games together on your TV.

You can also play mobile games and compare scores. Sometimes we’d play Among Us together (this can be played with everyone far away too).

10. You can host a book club meeting

This is specifically for book lovers.

If you love reading books, then decide on a book each week or each month and get together and discuss it.

It’s so much fun and you can drink fancy wine or juice while clinking glasses and discuss the book.

Some books come with book discussion questions at the end, but if it doesn’t – google it! You can answer questions and it’s a lot of fun.

11. Do a talent show

put on a talent show

If you have a lot of people over, do a talent show.

Each one of you can do something that you are genuinely good at and it will be fun for everyone to watch and cheer along.

You can also have a judge present to make things more competitive.

12. Play a game of bingo

Get yourself a Bingo set like this and play Bingo at home with your friends.

This is hours and hours of fun and can be played at all ages.

In my society, a lot of the old ladies get together and play Bingo. It’s mighty cute to watch.

13. Put on a fashion show

play dress up

What’s more fascinating than dress up?

You can even include a timer to make things more interesting. Everyone needs to get an outfit together in a certain amount of time.

If make up is allowed, then you can play themes.

Think about themes Goth or Space or your favorite cartoon character growing up.

You can end the fashion show with a catwalk.

14. Play a virtual escape room game together

Google virtual escape rooms and play some virtual escape rooms together.

This is very similar to playing video games together but this is also a lot of fun especially if you don’t want to physically go to an Escape room.

15. Play a trivia game

Trivia is competitive, brutal and fun for all ages.

Some of the best trivia games I’ve played are:

  • Herd Mentality: It requires you to think like the herd and answer like everyone else. The objective of the game is to not stand out. And trust me, it’s harder than it sounds!
  • I should have known that: If you want to play a trivia game that will make you feel stupid, this is it! It’s a lot of common sense questions that we end up getting wrong.
  • Trivia Game Harry Potter edition: My friends and I are huge fans of the books and the movies so this game really drives us to the edge.

16. Have a karaoke night

Nothing beats karaoke night.

You can play this in teams or you can play it single.

Everyone has to sing and if the person is nervous, all of you have to join in.

Brownie points if you can dance while you sing.

17. Play a round of truth and dare

This game can be played at all ages.

You can choose to drink and play or you can play sober. My friends don’t drink so we usually just play while we scarf down pizza.

It’s a fun game.

18. Set up a DIY beauty station and give each other makeovers

put make up on one another

My friend who is a make up artist loves trying out make up looks on me.

It’s so much fun to watch Instagram reels and Youtube make up tutorials and then try out on the looks on each other.

19. Redesign a room completely

You can order accent pieces from Ikea or you can just get to work and start moving furniture around.

I like to redesign and declutter at the same time.

Throwing things away and decluttering the whole house is a hobby of mine!

20. Play a “Would you rather” challenge

play would you rather

Would you rather games are so much fun.

And you only need a minimum of 2 pople to play.

It’s a verbal game. And here are some Would You Rather questions to help get you started.

21. Perform a skit

You can either break up into teams or you can get together and re-enact a story that all of you love and agree on.

You can memorize lines, design costumes and just go wild.

Once we broke up into teams and the judge gave us household items. We had to come up with funny advertisements while promoting the product – it was one of the most funny challenges I’ve ever played.

And we all laughed so much, our stomachs hurt!

22. Play a round of “Never have I ever”

play never have i ever

I got this game from watching the Ellen Show.

You can play Never Have I Ever with friends.

We do this at Birthday Parties and it’s always fun!

23. Set up a scavenger hunt

This requires some level of planning but you can get ideas from Google and draw up a nice scavenger hunt with your friends.

24. Play a round of “two truths and a lie”

This is a game that never gets old and can be played at all ages.

Every person has to tell 2 truths and a lie in no particular order and the others have to guess which one is the lie.

It’s fun and it also reveals a lot about the person.

25. Play a board game

play board games

I love playing Taboo with my friends.

It’s a very competitive board game and involves quick thinking mixed with verbal kind of charades.

This is fun for people of all ages!

Give Taboo a try!

26. Play Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic!

This is a time old game that can be played between more than 1 person and a lot of laughs and arguments are guaranteed.

This game can get very competitive if played in teams. But it’s a boatload of fun!

27. Have a baking competition

have a baking competition

If you love baking and want some delicious treats after the game, have a bake off.

Everyone has to bake something fun and it can get even more challenging if there is a timer.

You get to eat whatever you bake at the end of the game, so no one really loses.

28. Have a dance party

Just switch on some upbeat music and dance.

Dancing will make you feel alive and it will help you unleash all those pent-up emotions + dancing with friends is wonderful!

29. Make cards together

This was one of my favorite hobbies.

I loved making cards for people I loved.

My friends and I would sit together and draw and make greeting cards.

Here is a nice class on Skillshare you can take to learn how to make greeting cards with your art.

make greeting cards

30. Get coloring books and color

I find coloring a very peaceful and meditating activity.

If you are an adult, you can get some of these adult coloring books and color them together.

31. Learn some dances together on TikTok or Youtube

Learning to dance is always a good skill to possess.

You can show off your new moves in parties and dances, so watch some tutorials and master them moves with your friends.

32. Flip through magazines

flip through magazines

If you and your friend are super bored, you can flip through some magazines while sipping on some wine or hot chocolate.

It’s a fun activity and I have done it a couple of times in the past.

33. Play Mafia

This requires a lot of people, but if you are a big group of people and you have hours to kill, there is no better game than this.

It’s a verbal game and involves a lot of bluffing.

My friends and I played this in a cabin when we were stuck indoors for 2 days due to bad weather.

Those 2 days went by very quickly!

Here are the rules to Mafia.

34. Create a scrapbook together

make a scrapbook together

Work on a scrapbook together and make it from scratch.

You can print photos of yourselves and write little notes so that you don’t forget the memories that pair with those photos.

If you don’t have photos, get yourself an instant camera like this and take some!

You can also add drawings, receipts, tickets to events and what not to make the scrapbook more beautiful.

35. Watch music videos together

This is a very nostalgic thing to do.

My friend and I loved watching music videos together in college.

We’d crack open my laptop and we could watch music videos for hours.

36. Do a DIY project together

do a diy project together

Browse Pinterest and look for ideas of projects you can work on together.

You can make a little bird house or you can make a book together.

There are so many creative things you can do!

37. Cook something together

Look at recipes online and order some ingredients from a nearby store and get to work.

Or you can go to a nearby grocery and start picking up all the ingredients for a fancy dish.

My friend and I made lasagne from scratch and it was so much fun.

38. Take an online class together

I just joined Skillshare (they have a 30 day free trial where you can access all premium classes for free) and you can cancel your membership before they charge you on the 29th day to avoid paying any fees.

But I have an annual membership because I take a lot of drawing classes.

Even Domestika has so many fun classes that you can watch together.

Learning is actually fun when you do it with someone you love.

39. Have a spa day together

have a spa night

You don’t need to step out.

Just get yourself a wonderful spa kit like these and have fun.

You can dip your feet in salt water before painting each other’s nails.

You can do each other’s hair and just sit in face masks. Remember to talk and sip on something fun like a pina colada or a margherita.

40. Clean your closet together

If you and your friends want to declutter a closet or make it more beautiful, make it a project.

Do one friend’s closet on one weekend and the other on the next.

I got this idea from Sex and the City and that was one of my favorite parts of the movie when Carrie and her friends decide what to keep and what to toss.

41. Do a puzzle together

do a puzzle together

Puzzles are a lot of fun.

If you want a challenging puzzle check out puzzles with over 1K pieces.

If it’s too challenging, get puzzles with zones on the back so that each friend can be responsible for completing a certain zone.

This is a great way to bond.

42. Host a virtual game night

My fiance and I host a game night every Wednesday.

But if you are living separately, you can host a virtual game night.

There are online games you can play together

43. Shop online together

I love browsing things online.

It’s a passtime of mine.

Because I try to be a minimalist, I don’t buy that many things but I do love adding items to my cart and looking at pretty things like stationery, coffee cups and cute sweaters.

I’m a sucker for all of this.

It’s even more fun when you can do it together.

44. Make an ice cream sundae together

There are countless recipes on Youtube for different kinds of icecreams.

You can make the ice cream from scratch using an Ice cream maker.

I love making coffee icecream and oreo ice cream.

My friend prefers strawberry.

You can also mix and match flavours and add chocolate chips to the whole batch – try it.

You can’t go wrong with this and you’ll end up with delicious ice cream!

45. Stargaze and talk to each other

Stargazing is so much fun.

It’s also very peaceful.

I love looking at the sky and I love doing it with someone who doesn’t find the silences awkward.

It’s beautiful. And if you have friends who want to just do something like looking at the horizon or the sky and talking, then you’re a lucky person.

46. Create a blog together

If you and your friend want to start an online business together, one of the best things you can start is a blog.

You can read my indepth guide on starting a blog here.

I make over $5K a month from blogging alone. It’s definitely fun.

47. Recreate a dish from your ethnic background/something your grandparents would make

cook an ethnic dish

If you like to cook and want to do something totally different, this is such a great idea.

Throw a house party and have each friend cook something they love from their ethnic background.

If they don’t have anything spectacular in mind, ask them to recreate a dish that their parents or grandparents made frequently.

This is a wonderful way to bond and when you get together, you can share recipes and enjoy the food together.

48. Videocall a friend who lives far away

You will make your friend’s day and you and your friends can talk and catch up on old times.

Because a few of my friends live abroad, we often do video calls together and it’s so much fun just catching up and reminiscing.

49. Brew your own beer together

You can get a beer crafting kit like this and make your own beer at home.

If you and your friends love beer and want to make it from scratch just for fun, this is a fun hobby to try out!


Did you enjoy this list? If you have more ideas, please leave a comment below – I am always looking for more ideas of things to do with my friends at home.

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  1. My favorite thing is to cook, watch movies, or play video games with friends. The suggestions you mentioned are very good. I am willing to try more interesting projects with friends

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  2. Love playing video games with my friends This article helped me a lot and I really like it.

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