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Are you spending Christmas at home?

You feel soulful but at the same time, you want to do something Christmasey because the weather outside is cold and you don’t feel like working or going about your regular routine.

You’re tired of scrolling through your phone and just want something fun to do.

You’ve come to the right place.

I become like this every year around the holidays.

I don’t celebrate my birthday much, but Christmas is special – I celebrate it for 2-3 months at a stretch because it reminds me of my childhood.

So, if you’re stuck at home (alone or with family), here are some fun things to do on Christmas at home.

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37 Fun Things to Do on Christmas at Home that will make you feel good!

1. Send a Christmas card to loved ones

I am an Illustrator, and I love doing this every year.

I send physical Christmas cards (that I hand-draw myself on Procreate) and write special notes to everyone I love, including my family and friends.

This is the one I made last year:

christmas card

There is something special about receiving physical mail that is so warm and comforting.

If you’re not a fan of drawing, you can also buy greeting cards from stores like Hallmark and Borders and then get some fancy envelopes.

This is a wonderful time to improve your penmanship and write down comforting thoughts to loved ones.

Or you can even do a Christmas photo and make it a greeting card or postcard.

The options are endless!

Use your creativity.

2. Customize a hot beverage

make a hot beverage from scratch

I am a huge fan of hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes.

I love recreating recipes from scratch. I use Youtube to find recipes that I can recreate.

And if I’m feeling lazy, I use Instagram reels.

Recreating hot beverages or cold is a warm and beautiful feeling.

After you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can take your cup of hot cocoa and sit by the window or fireplace and sip it slowly while admiring the weather.

Or you can just reminisce and meditate while drinking your cup.

Simple pleasures are so underrated.

3. Volunteer from your phone

What if I told you, that you didn’t have to leave your home to volunteer?

Did you know that there are so many apps that you can use to volunteer your time and resources without even leaving the comfort of your home?

There is a website called Be My Eyes, where you are connected to people with low vision or blind people and you get to help them with simple tasks like help them pick up their shampoo instead of their conditioner or help them read a label on something.

They’ll activate their camera and all you have to do is be their eyes.

Volunteering and giving someone your time is such a beautiful way to connect to society and give a little something back.

Here are some more ideas on how you can volunteer your time from the comfort of your home.

4. Reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with

A lot of people spend Christmas alone.

Some might be with their families, but they still feel secluded or lonely because they don’t fit in or they’re just going through something difficult.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking of someone, call them.

Maybe you could send a warm voice note or a message.

Perhaps you can thank them for all the good times you’ve shared or just recollect something special you both did together – something that left an impact on you.

Christmas is the time to reconnect with people we love but haven’t spoken to for a long time.

It’s a time to put things behind us so that we can start afresh on New Year’s.

5. Learn how to decorate cookies

I found this beautiful, festive and creative class on Domestika (huge fan of online classes on Domestika) that teaches how to decorate cookies with royal icing.

It looks like so much fun and as a person who loves to draw (and bake once in a while), it’s the perfect holiday activity.

The best part is, that once you get the course, you own it forever, so you can watch it at your own pace and watch it how many times you want.

This is a class you can even buy for someone or if you have siblings or friends over, you can watch it together and make cookies together!

It’s perfect for beginners, and it’s something even kids will love.

cookie decoration with royal icing for beginners

Check it out here

6. Build a gingerbread house

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with family.

This is one activity that is fun for all ages and all people.

If you’re doing it as a family, you can have a competition to see who builds the best gingerbread house.

Or you can build one together to have fun and share some laughs.

If you are alone on Christmas, then build one because it is Christmasey.

7. Knit a scarf

crochet a scarf

This is a chance to buy some beautiful yarn and learn how to knit.

It’s very easy if you watch a few videos on crocheting or knitting.

I love learning new skills and crocheting is a very peaceful, somber, and warm activity that you can do just sitting on a couch or in bed.

I suggest this online course if you’d like to make your own clothes like a jacket or a sweater – it will keep you occupied for days.

8. Make your own Christmas Carol Playlist

I do this every year.

This will easily take you a day or more to make especially if you’re listening to the songs before making your own special playlist.

You can do this on Spotify or Youtube Music and it’s a wonderful hobby.

Once you’ve made your own Christmas Carol playlist, you can listen to it on repeat or send the link to people you love.

This is so much fun!

9. Host a holiday game night

My fiance and I love hosting game nights at our place.

And this year, we’re going to host a holiday game night where we play holiday-themed games.

It’s so much fun to do.

If you are at home with your family, here are some Christmas games you can play.

Here are some Christmas games you can play with friends or colleagues.

10. Buy yourself a present

buy yourself something for christmas

I am very careful when it comes to buying things because I abide by minimalism.

But Christmas is the one season I break this rule.

It doesn’t have to be a big gift.

You can get yourself that Christmas mug you’ve always wanted from Starbucks or a graphic novel you’ve been dying to read for months now.

You can buy that sweater you’ve seen in the display window, or some luxurious bath products to help you relax.

This is the best way to make Christmas special for you.

So, buy yourself something special – get it wrapped, and don’t open it until Christmas.

11. Decorate your home for Christmas

decorate your home for christmas

I love Christmas

And even when I spent Christmas alone, I always decorated my home for Christmas.

I love going all out and decorating the tree with ornaments, and hanging up lights, all while blasting Christmas carols and dancing with my dogs.

It’s such a fun way to spend the holidays.

I even keep up my snow globe because it reminds me of my mother.

So, whether you’re alone or you have family around, this is such a great way to spend a day or two.

Decorating is a fun activity that can be enjoyed with Christmas carols in the background.

12. Make a decadent Christmas dish from scratch

We never got turkeys when I was growing up in UAE, so my mom always made roast chicken and I loved it.

I continue that tradition today. And this year I’m going to roast a nice big chicken for my dad on Christmas.

If there is a dish that is super special to you or you’ve been wanting to try it for ages because it’s festive and decadent, then go for it!

You can go all out, by lighting red and white candles and if you have family around, you can assign them tasks.

One can be in charge of getting all the groceries, and one can be in charge of mixing and prepping.

If you are alone, you can do all of it from scratch and it might even take you the whole morning or afternoon – but that’s what makes it special – you get to make something you want.

13. Play Secret Santa

If you’re with family, you can play Secret Santa with them.

If you are at home alone, then you can play this with your society members or neighbors.

Since I live in an apartment in a society (23 buildings), we join a Whatsapp group and play Secret Santa with books.

Everyone writes the name of the book they want and they get assigned a Secret Santa to buy it for them. We even write handwritten notes and place them in the book and then leave it outside the person’s apartment.

You can do this with your colleagues if you don’t have other options.

There are so many ways you can go with this. And if money is tight, then stick to a budget or get some minimalist Christmas gifts that aren’t “things.”

14. Make a holiday video

If you are with family, then record candid moments of each family member preparing for the holidays.

You can record your grandparents telling stories or knitting, your mother cooking, and your dad building something and put it together and make a compilation video.

It’s such a great way to connect with family and share some beautiful moments together.

15. Feed street dogs and cats

feed stray dogs

If you and your family love animals, take a day off to cook some good food and distribute it among street dogs or street cats in your neighborhood.

I do this once in a while, and nothing brightens my spirit more than feeding homeless dogs.

Apart from this, you can also volunteer in dog shelters and help out there.

16. Pamper yourself

Take a day for yourself, and do all of your favorite self-care activities.

Apart from eating your favorite meal, take some time to do a face mask or apply some body butter after a nice bubble bath.

You can then wear some warm socks and a sweater and read your favorite book under a warm comforter.

17. Do some cute holiday art

do some cute holiday art

There are so many holiday crafts you can do on your own or with your family.

Just look up huge drawings or art you can do together or on your own online.

18. Make your own advent calendar

Nothing is as exciting as an Advent Calendar.

You can make your own version of an Advent Calendar. Here are some fun advent calendar ideas for adults that you’re going to enjoy!

This is great if you’re spending Christmas alone or you’re with your family at home.

This is an activity you can do alone or build together as a family.

19. Have a royal dinner

have a royal dinner

If you are inviting friends, family, or colleagues over, let it be a super formal dinner party.

You can host a pot-luck where each member brings something savory or sweet and get dressed in your best Christmas/winter wear before opening up a few wine bottles or cracking open an old scotch.

20. Make a puppet show

If you are at home alone, then you can build puppets on your own using any material available. You can also use socks.

If you are with family, you can have competitions to make puppets and then make a show at the end with the puppets.

It’s a fun activity for families with a lot of kids.

21. Treat your pet/pets

This only works if you have pets.

You can treat your pets to a day of pampering.

We have a few dog bakeries that deliver cakes home and I am so excited to order little “pup” cakes for my dogs.

I have a whole day planned for activities for them and I’m going to end the day with some much-needed cuddling with my dogs.

You can also get them some toys for Christmas.

If you don’t have pets, you can volunteer to look after pets from a neighbor or friend that is going to travel for the holidays.

It’s such a great way to do something nice for someone you care about.

22. Do a holiday photoshoot

do a holiday photoshoot

You and your family can do a fun holiday photoshoot.

If it’s just you and your pets, you can do one of your pet(s). Or you can take some Christmas selfies and make a nice holiday card out of it.

23. Hold a karaoke night

If it’s just you alone spending Christmas, this is such a fun way to belt out some tunes while not worrying about anyone hearing you.

If you’re with your family/friends, hold a karaoke night and play a karaoke game.

You can choose to drink or not.

24. Sleep under the tree or in the hall

If you’re spending Christmas alone, you can sleep on the balcony or on the rooftop and just watch the stars.

If you’re with your family, you can sleep in the hall on the ground near the tree.

Spend the night talking to them.

I usually love cuddling with my pups on Christmas. It’s very snug and cozy and I play Christmas carols softly in the background.

You can light some candles in the background too.

25. Wrap Christmas presents

wrap christmas presents

Whether you are alone or you have presents for loved ones, this is such a fun activity.

I love wrapping presents for my pups and my family.

There are so many creative youtube videos you can watch online and do this.

If you don’t have fancy wrapping paper, use newspaper or brown paper packaging – both look beautiful for Christmas.

26. Make mulled wine

There are so many recipes online.

I remember my mom doing this one year and my dad and I had so much fun helping her make the wine.

I didn’t get to drink any, but the whole process of preparing it is something I will treasure.

You can get all the supplies yourself and then prepare the wine on your own or take some help from your family.

27. Do a jigsaw puzzle

You can get a very cute Christmas puzzle of a dog in a sweater or a nice Christmas scene and then do it by yourself or with your family.

Puzzles are great to work on with family and friends especially since you can assign certain tasks to individual members.

I like doing puzzles on my own, so I work on 1000-piece puzzles by myself.

28. Make a holiday scrapbook

You can take photos of your pets (if you have them), photos of your friends, and family, and selfies, and make a big, beautiful scrapbook from scratch.

You can do this physically or make an online album and send it to people you love.

29. Bingewatch some Christmas movies

watch christmas movies

Sometimes, the best thing to do is be a couch potato especially if you’re tired and you are working yourself to the bone otherwise.

Take this opportunity to sit down and just watch some old nostalgic Christmas movies.

No Christmas is complete unless I watch The Santa Clause, Home Alone and Die Hard.

Make a list of your favorite Christmas movies and watch them alone, with your pets, or with your family.

Movies can be enjoyed alone or with other people.

30. Throw a Christmas Party

If you’re an adult, you can throw a Christmas party and invite your friends or colleagues.

If you are at home, then invite your friends and family.

On Christmas Eve, my fiance holds a traditional Christmas barbeque at his place.

All of our close friends arrive early and help us with the food and decorations.

It’s so much fun and we usually play card games and word games till we’re ready for the party.

31. Bake a pie

This doesn’t have to be a grand pie.

It just needs to be something that you truly relish and makes you feel warm and happy inside.

You can bake different pies if you’re a big family or you can bake little mini pies.

Or if you’re alone, you can bake a big pie that is your favorite flavor.

Do it from scratch – get the fruits, process them, and make the crust from scratch.

Look up different crust ideas and experiment with different toppings. Go all out with this pie.

32. Learn Amigurumi

This means crocheting little creatures, animals, or dolls.

It’s a fun activity for kids and adults and there are so many free amigurumi.

Here is an online course you can watch if you want to learn more!

Check out this online course here

33. Make holiday desserts

My parents and I would make different types of sweet and spicy snacks that we only made during Christmas.

It was fun helping out and those are memories I will cherish forever.

If you are alone, make a Christmas dessert that you’ve always wanted to make by yourself.

It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be special to you.

34. Read something

There are a few books I love to read in December and this is the time I love reading cozy books like Harry Potter or books on mindfulness and self-love.

This is the perfect time to catch up on some old reading. You can also read old comics or graphic novels.

And if reading is not your jam, then you can

35. Make egg nog from scratch

make egg nog from scratch

Whether I am at home alone or with my family, I love making egg nog.

We don’t get store-bought egg nog here in India right now and it’s super easy to make from scratch at home.

I love getting all the ingredients together and then making this from scratch.

You can make a kids-friendly version for the kids and a not-so-kids version for all the adults at home.

Or if you’re alone, you can make a big batch all for yourself.

I can drink multiple cups a day and it’s my favorite holiday drink with alcohol.

36. Create home-made decorations and ornaments

If you’re trying to be craftsy and want a fun activity to pass the time, then look at Pinterest for ideas and make your own homemade decorations this year.

You can make Christmas ornaments, cards, and wreaths all from scratch.

You can also make a nativity scene from paper or paper mache.

This is such a beautiful and peaceful activity to do on your own or with your family.

37. Make a new year’s resolution list

I know this is way too early but a lot of people like planning their next year in the holidays.

And I feel this is a fun and exciting way to think about the next year and challenge yourself to become better in different ways.

If you’re with family and friends, you can even make lists together and compare your lists and hold each other accountable to the same.

It’s a nice way to think about how this year has treated you and what you’d want to do differently next year.


I hope you enjoyed this list of fun things to do on Christmas at home.

The idea behind this list of things to do on Christmas at home is to have fun and not think too hard.

Do any activity that calls to you and makes you feel good.

You can put your own Christmas spin on anything you’re doing.

Break free and try new things.

So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try something new!

Life is short and it’s up to you to make every moment count!

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