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You’re dazed and captivated at the same time.

You’ve been enjoying the last few weeks/months and you’re sure this time you’ve found someone that you genuinely like.

But you’re worried.

You don’t know if this will last.

You both are compatible and you really like each other.

But what if he changes his mind?

What if he isn’t sure about how much he likes you?

I had the same feelings when I was dating my current boyfriend a year ago.

I was very reserved in the beginning because I’d had one too many relationship mishaps in the past.

I didn’t want to jump the gun.

And I wanted to be sure that I was dating someone who also wanted a long-term committed relationship.

Based on my own experience, I decided to write this post.

Here are a few subtle (and not so subtle) signs he will never let you go.

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27 Subtle signs he will never let you go (and he’s probably the one you’ve been looking for)

1. He will listen to you attentively

He will listen to you attentively

When a man really likes a woman, he will find her the most interesting thing on the planet.

It goes both ways of course.

But guys show women they care by listening to them.

He won’t interrupt you, he will actually remember what you’ve said and he’ll smile or laugh when you tell funny stories.

This is not just a sign that he likes you, but it’s also a sign that you both are quite compatible.

2. He will give you sincere compliments

His compliments won’t be fake or surface-level compliments.

He will compliment you sincerely.

It won’t be physical all the time.

He’ll tell you things like how he appreciates the way you make him feel or how much he loves your stories or your drive and passion.

They will come from the heart.

3. He will drop things to help you out

When a man really cares for a woman and wants her in his life, he will do everything to make her comfortable.

Men aren’t always good with words. They show love via actions and service.

So, if your man is constantly trying to help you and never hesitates to help you, know that you’ve found someone worth keeping.

4. He will always have your back

Similar to the previous point, a man that doesn’t intend to let you go will always have your back and support you no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if someone wants to talk bad about you, he will always stand up for you.

5. He will enjoy talking about you to others

When a man really cares for a woman and sees this relationship as a long-term one, he will never hesitate to talk about you.

Infact, he will enjoy it.

He will love introducing you to others like his friends, his sports buddies, or colleagues.

And he will love talking about your strengths.

A man takes great pride in talking about the person he cares for and loves.

6. He will be extra understanding during your monthly cycle

He will be kind to you during your cycle

Let’s face it: During shark week, we will be moody. We’ll have cramps and not be able to work like our usual selves.

If your man makes an attempt to fulfill your cravings by getting you takeout or even asking you how he can help, you know you’ve found someone that genuinely wants to stick around.

He won’t even hesitate to get you your supplies.

This is a sign he cares for you deeply.

7. He will want to spend time with you

When a man loves a woman, he will love spending time with her.

Look for subtle signs like him making time for you.

The more time you both spend together, the stronger your relationship will be.

And a man who wants to spend time with his lady is a big sign he will never let you go.

8. He will have told his family about you

When a man is sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone, he will break the news to his parents.

I remember being very nervous because I was a divorcee and I wasn’t sure how long he’d take.

But within 2 months of dating, he introduced me to his parents and they welcomed me warmly into their lives.

So, if your man has already hinted at you to his family or told them straight up about you, you can be sure that he is never going to let you go.

9. He will love to resolve conflicts

Because he sees you as his forever person, he is never going to let a silly argument spoil your day.

He is going to be willing to resolve the conflict and find a solution.

Please note that it’s okay for a couple to have differences – what matters is how you both communicate and are able to resolve them.

10. He will be possessive about you

When I say possessive, I don’t mean he won’t let you talk to other guys. But he will be genuinely concerned about your welfare when you’re out alone or in a new area.

He will contact you a lot to make sure you’re okay and faring well.

He will be quite disturbed if someone has crossed your boundaries. He won’t take it out on you but he will be mildly upset with the situation.

His protective instincts will come out when he feels you are threatened by outside forces.

Please learn to tell the difference between the good kind and the bad kind of possessiveness.

If your man is violent or even verbally abuses people, then this is not a good kind of possessiveness.

It means you’ve found someone who is pretty dangerous and toxic and this kind of behavior should not be encouraged in the least bit.

11. He will always be interested to know what you’re thinking

He will always be interested to know what you are thinking

When a man cares about you, he will always be interested in your thoughts.

Even if you seem distant because you’re upset or you’re thinking of something else, he will ask you what’s wrong out of genuine concern.

12. He will love your input on just about everything

2 people are never the same.

When you’re getting to know the man you’re dating, he will try as much as possible to get your input on things that are important to him.

He will talk to you about his plans, his career, and his family.

He will love to hear your input and know what your thoughts are.

13. He will include you in his plans

He may hint at future experiences just to see your reaction and because he clearly sees you as a part of the future.

He’ll say things like:

  • We’ll see that movie in 6 months together.
  • You need to taste that spaghetti. I’m going to take you to that restaurant.
  • Let’s go on a weekend trip sometime in December.

14. He won’t hesitate to take you out to meet his friends

I remember my boyfriend taking me to his basketball games and his office and I’d wonder why he was so keen to let me in those parts of his life.

But I did realize eventually that it was his way of showing love.

He wanted me to be there for all the important bits of his life.

So, if your boyfriend can’t wait to show you off to his friends or colleagues, know that he intends to keep you in his life for a long time.

15. He will be honest and real with you no matter what

He isn’t going to sugarcoat the truth, nor will he try to spare your feelings.

He will be honest with you because he intends to spend a long time with you and wants you to know the real him.

16. He will confide his deepest fears with you

Men don’t like talking about their feelings or innermost thoughts with just about anyone.

Women generally find it easy to talk about these things, unlike men.

So, if your man is confiding important things with you and tells you about his secrets, his fears, and his dark past, know that you’ve made it to the top of his list.

He sees you as his confidante.

17. He will share his dreams and aspirations with you

He will share his dreams and aspirations with you

When a man really cares for a woman and sees him as his better half, he will see you in his future plans.

This means he will love sharing his dreams and aspirations with you.

This is because he can’t wait to live those dreams out with you.

Sharing his goals and aspirations with you is one of the biggest signs he will never let you go.

18. He will always check in with you

When a man cares for a woman and wants to be with her, he will always care for her.

He will always ping you or call you once every few hours or a few times a day just to check how you’re doing.

He may even ping you just to say hi.

This is how a lot of men show their women that they care and love them.

19. He won’t make big decisions without talking to you first

When a man sees you as his woman, he will never take big decisions without talking to you first.

He will want to know your thoughts before making a decision.

He will love to know what you think and want to see that decision from all angles before taking a decision.

20. He will respect your boundaries

When a man genuinely cares about you and knows that he’s going to have forever with you, he will never be in a rush.

It will be more than just the moment.

He knows he has forever with you, so he will never push your boundaries or try to be in a hurry.

He will take his time to show you he cares for you and appreciates you.

21. He is extremely faithful

When a man is committed and happy, he won’t even bother with anyone else.

He will not flirt, he will not gawk at women, you will be his only prize.

However, this does not mean that he will not have friends who are girls.

I see way too many movies and books show that when a man loves a woman, his woman is the only female will talk to.


Men are allowed to have friends of all sexes, just as women are allowed to have friends.

It’s all about boundaries.

So, develop a relationship where both of you have super healthy boundaries with each other and other people.

22. He loves you deeply

He loves you deeply

This is not something you can realize in the first few months of dating.

It takes time to date a man and sees that he really loves you. Time is only the test of love when it comes to these points.

23. He will be very free with you

If he burps and farts around you or is super casual and laid back when he stays over, know that he already sees you as his woman.

It’s nothing to be bashful about, it’s just a sign that he is extremely comfortable with you.

24. He always puts you first

When a man really loves someone, he will always put them first.

He won’t hesitate to make small compromises just so that you are comfortable.

25. He will always treat you with respect

When a man deeply cares for you, he will treat you with the same respect he treats his mother.

This not only signifies that he loves you and is a very decent human being, but it means that you can actually see a future with this person.

26. You will never feel “icky” after being intimate

When you’re with a person that’s just in the relationship for sex, you will feel it.

But when you’re with someone who loves you, it will feel beautiful. You will feel protected, and safe-guarded and share a deep emotional connection with this person.

You will always feel beautiful when you’re touched by someone who loves you deeply.

He will treat you like you’re extremely precious.

This is one of the biggest signs he will never let you go.

27. They will show a deep interest in the things you love

He will show a deep interest in the things you love

They may not love those things as much as you do, for example:

  • TV shows
  • Hobbies
  • Specific topics you love talking about or are passionate about

But he will try their best to show you how much he cares about you and supports you while you engage in those activities.

He will listen to you and motivate you to pursue your goals.

He will always push you to succeed no matter what.


In short, when a man loves you, he will make it known via his actions.

But it’s always better to date the person for a while and even live with them because that’s the only way you’re going to learn what makes them tick.

It goes both ways.

As he lets down his guard and starts to trust you, so should you.

A relationship is between 2 people and it takes both partners to make it work.

I wish you all the best!

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