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You’ve been on 1 date or a few with a person you really like.

Things are going well, but you’re second-guessing yourself because you don’t want to make the same mistake as before.

You don’t want to put your best foot forward without confirmation that this person likes you for you.

You want to be sure that this person genuinely likes you.

I got you.

In this post, I’ll cover various signs a guy shows when he genuinely likes a girl.

I’m going to rely on my own experience dating my boyfriend and I’ve also asked my boyfriend for help with this post to make sure everything is accurate.

Let’s begin!

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How do you know if a guy is genuinely interested?

How do you know if a guy is interested?

Guys and girls communicate very differently.

In my personal experience, girls are easier to read than guys.

And more often than not it’s easier to tell if a girl likes you as compared to a guy liking you.

Guys don’t really like discussing their feelings and they like to express them in actions rather than words.

There are many things men do to show women that they genuinely like them.

Let’s look at those signs!

47 genuine early dating signs he likes you

1. He will respect your time

When a guy likes you, he will respect you.

Respecting you will come in different ways, but almost always a guy will show you he likes you by being very punctual on your dates.

If your date is at 8:00 pm, he will show up 10 minutes early to show you that he genuinely values your time and doesn’t want you to have to wait for him.

This is not just an early dating sign that he likes you, but it also shows very good character on his part.

Even if he’s a few minutes late, he will have a genuine reason why and he will honestly feel bad about it.

Pay attention to whether the guy you are dating is respectful of your time or not.

2. He will listen to you attentively

He will listen to you very attentively.

When a guy likes you, he will be attentive to you.

He will look into your eyes when you talk and he won’t interrupt you often.

He will listen to you with 100% focus and this is a good sign that he likes you.

It also means that he is a good listener.

You definitely want to pay close attention to this.

3. He will remember the little things you said

Another good sign that he likes you is that he will remember the little things you said and bring them up from time to time.

This often caught me by surprise when I was dating my boyfriend because I didn’t even remember saying those things.

When a person has a keen interest in you, they will make it a point to remember those little things you’ve said or the stories you’ve mentioned.

Things like:

  • Your preferences in food
  • Places you mentioned liking
  • Little habits of yours
  • Friends you talk about

And this is a key sign of a guy liking you – he will make note of all these little things you’ve mentioned in passing.

4. He will make time for you

I remember pinging my boyfriend in the early days of us dating and he’d respond to me even if he was at work.

When two people genuinely like each other, they will make time for each other – even if they’re busy.

Even if he can’t answer the phone or text back, he will tell you why he can’t.

He will try his level best to make time for you so that you know he cares.

5. He is interested in knowing more about you

If you find that the man you’re dating is asking you questions about your life and your way of thinking, this is a definite sign that he likes you.

People don’t ask questions unless they are keen on hearing the answers.

If he is asking questions and looking at you while you are talking, know that you’ve captivated his interest.

This is a sure sign that he wants to know more about you and can’t get enough of you.

If a man likes you, he will hundred percent want to know what makes you tick and he will be very observant.

This is a very good sign that the person you are dating also places a very high priority on communication.

6. He won’t ghost you

If after every date, he genuinely makes an attempt to talk to you, know that he likes you – a lot.

It doesn’t matter if he texts or calls.

He likes you if he attempts to contact you after a date.

This is also a sign that he is mature enough to not play games with you or wait for you to make the first move.

It doesn’t have to mean he is needy.

It just means that he isn’t afraid to tell you that liked spending time with you.

So, take it as a good sign that he cares and wants to spend more time with you.

7. He’ll check in on you from time to time

He will check in on you from time to time.

If there is stony silence with the guy you’re dating, it is not a good sign.

But if he does text you or call you in between dates just to see how you’re doing or what you’re up to, it is a clear sign that he likes you.

It means that he is genuinely keen on getting to know you and wants to be a part of your life.

Take it as a good sign.

8. He will make physical contact

If you find him making contact with you from time to time, it’s a sign that he is interested in you.

It can be very light, like holding your hand when crossing the street or touching your shoulder to let you know he’s there.

Or even ending the date with a warm hug.

These are signs that he likes you and also respects you a lot.

Note the places he touches you. If it’s your arms or your shoulders, it’s a good touch.

But if he tries to get too close on the first date itself, it may be a warning sign that he doesn’t respect your boundaries.

9. He brings you little gifts

Maybe it’s a small box of chocolates or a good book.

On our 3rd date, my boyfriend gave me one of his favorite graphic novels – “V for Vendetta.”

He even wrote a cute note on the front page.

And honestly?

That’s when I knew for sure that he really, really liked me.

The gift may be small but remember… it’s always the thought that counts.

Guys like telling their girls that they like them by giving them gifts.

10. He will be concerned

He will be very concerned.

If a guy likes you, he will try to solve your problems.

If you tell him you’re not feeling well or you’re having a problem at work, he will try his best to help.

He will either ask you for more information so he can help or he will give you advice.

And most importantly, he will be very concerned about you.

Pay attention to when he does this – because it’s an absolutely sure sign that he cares and likes you a lot.

11. He will open up to you

A man doesn’t trust people easily.

Not as easily as we women do.

We find it much easier to open up about our lives and goals with people – but men don’t do this often.

They require to trust the person a lot before they open up.

So, if you find that this person is opening up to you about his goals and visions for the future, he is definitely showing a keen interest in you.

This is an early dating sign that he likes you.

12. He will tell you about his family and friends

Guys don’t like gossiping.

Nor do they like talking about people.

But if he starts telling you about his family including their likes and dislikes, he genuinely likes you.

Pay attention to what he talks about them.

If he is a nice person, he will talk about what he admires about them.

This is also a good sign that he appreciates people and likes the people in his life.

It also means that he is people-oriented and loves keeping in touch with people.

13. He always texts back within minutes

If a guy likes you, he will not leave you hanging for hours on end unless he is genuinely busy.

A person who likes you will not ghost you – this is the number one way to know that a person is interested in you.

He will find a way to text you back or call you within seconds or minutes of you making contact with him.

14. He will start introducing you to people

he will start introducing you to people.

A very clear sign that a guy likes you is that he will make sure you are a part of his life.

This means he won’t hesitate to talk about you to his friends.

If he starts introducing you to his friends and can’t get enough of telling them about you, know that he likes you already.

Within 2 months of dating, my boyfriend introduced me to his friends and his parents.

He just knew.

And I knew he wasn’t playing.

A man who likes you will not waste time.

He will either invite you to a get-together with his friends or he’ll ask you to join him and his buddies for dinner.

These are all signs that he likes you.

15. He will continue to ask you follow-up questions

If a guy is asking you follow-up questions even after 2 months of dating, know that there is more than just a spark.

It also shows consistency.

It means that this person is not just playing but is curious to know how you work and can’t get enough of you.

He will love listening to you talk and even if you find yourself rattling, he will find it cute.

16. His body language will be very open and receptive

If he is leaning forward while talking to you, know that he is interested in what you have to say.

A person who shows open body language means that they are happy with the conversation and want more of it.

Pay attention to how he’s seated.

If he is facing you always, and always making eye contact and not being distracted while you talk, you’ve found yourself a very nice person who likes you.

17. He will not want the date to end

He will not want the date to end.

Because he can’t get enough of your presence, he will really like spending time with you and not want the dates to end.

He may take you out for a coffee after dinner or suggest that you both take a nice walk together.

He may even drop you home because those few extra minutes with you will be really special to him.

Keep a note of all of this – it shows that he genuinely likes you and likes spending time with you.

18. He will be respectful of your space

Love isn’t all googly eyes and holding hands.

It’s much more than that.

We live in a real-world where our lives are so much more than our romantic relationships.

So, if you have work or are busy, he will understand.

He won’t get mad when you say you have a prior commitment or you can’t make it to a date.

He will be very kind and accept it with grace.

This is a true sign of maturity and a sign that he likes you.

19. He will talk to you about his past

When a man cares for you, he will open up about his past.

After a couple of dates, he will even tell you about his past relationships, his personal struggles, and his difficult relationships with people.

This is a clear sign that he not only likes you but has developed a deep bond with you and trusts you.

It’s a sign of friendship and this is something you should be super happy about because a relationship becomes solidified when it’s based on friendship.

20. He will ask you for your advice

He will ask you for advice.

When a guy likes you, he will open up to you about his problems.

He will care about your advice and what you have to say.

He will place a high priority on your views and the way you look at life so he won’t hesitate to talk to you about what he’s going through.

He will be very vested in what you have to say.

Take this as an early dating sign he likes you.

21. He will offer to help

If you’ve found yourself in a pickle, think about what his reaction was when you told him about it.

Maybe you forgot to pick up something, he may offer to pick it up for you after work.

Or you might have trouble with work, and he will offer to help you out.

If a man is taking time out of his day to help you, know that he likes you.

22. He will make jokes

If a guy likes you, he will go out of his way to make you laugh.

This is a very small and subtle sign, but it’s a big tell that a guy likes you.

23. He will not shy away from paying you compliments

You will need to tell the difference between fake and genuine compliments.

But more often than not, a guy will compliment you if he likes something about you like:

  • Admiring your zeal or your passion for work or people.
  • The way you carry yourself.
  • Your taste in books or movies.

Either way, pay attention to what he compliments and what is it he likes about you – it will say a lot about him.

24. He will ask about your beliefs

A man who is interested in you will ask you all sorts of questions.

But most importantly, he will be eager to know:

  • Your beliefs
  • Your goals and values
  • How you operate,
  • Your likes and dislikes

And so on.

This is a huge sign that he likes you and wants to know more about you.

25. He won’t take offense

He will never take offense

A very good sign that a man likes you is that he won’t take offense to what you’re saying.

Even if you’re talking about touchy subjects, he will be very receptive and show you that he has an open mind. He will give you his points and although he might disagree with you, he will respect your opinion gracefully.

This is not just a sign that he likes you, but it also means that he is very easy to get along with.

26. He will be honest with you

A man who likes you won’t try to sugarcoat things.

He will be honest with you and tell you everything he’s been up to.

He won’t try to cover up the past or shy away from mistakes he’s made in the past.

He will own up to his mistakes and tell you what’s on his mind.

This is not just a sign that he likes you, but also a sign that he respects you from the bottom of his heart.

27. He will take initiative

You won’t find yourself constantly starting conversations or initiating dates.

If a man likes you, he won’t hesitate to take the first step.

He will message you in the morning asking you what are your plans or he will ping you at night letting you know that he’s about to hit the sack.

He will ask you out on casual dates like dinner or joining him for a home-cooked meal.

He might even ask you to look at books at the bookstore or shoot some hoops with him at his local basketball court – my boyfriend did this!

28. He will tidy up

If you notice that the man you’re dating is constantly cleaning up the table or picking up things when they fall, this is a small sign that he likes you.

A person who likes you will do their best to keep things tidy and organized.

It’s a small sign that he is trying to win you over and put his best foot forward.

So, if he invites you over and you notice that his place is super tidy, know that he genuinely likes having you around and wants to leave a good impression on you.

29. He will make an effort to look his best

If you notice that the man you are dating always looks his best (even if he is in casuals), know that he is trying to impress you and get you to take him seriously.

When a man likes someone, they will do everything possible to look their best.

They will be well-groomed and spritz on a lot of perfume.

This is a sure sign that he likes you and cares about how you see him.

30. He isn’t afraid to talk about his emotions

He will not be afraid to talk about his emotions

Guys don’t open up and become vulnerable unless they trust you.

I’ve already mentioned it before, but it’s worth bringing up again.

When a guy likes you, he will open up.

He will talk about heavy stuff, like his emotions or his past.

He won’t be afraid to bottle it up and make it look pretty.

He will be honest and tell you about his difficulties or even talk to you about what he has gone through.

This is a sure sign that he not only likes you but trusts you enough to open up to you.

31. He will show a keen interest in your family and friends

When you talk about your family and friends, he will say things like, “I can’t wait to meet them.” Or “I hope I get to see them one day. They sound like fun!”

These are all signs that he plans to date you for a long time or is very serious about taking things forward.

Know for sure that he likes you a little more than a normal amount.

32. He is very respective to your boundaries

A man who asks you if he can hug you or kiss you is a man worth dating – in my honest opinion.

I genuinely loved it when my boyfriend asked me if he could hug me at the end of the date.

We, women, are more finicky about that kind of stuff because we are so used to being objectified and we’re always doubtful when meeting someone new.

If the man you are dating is very respectful of your boundaries and is nervous around you or asks you for your permission to hug or kiss you, take this as a sign that he not only likes you but respects you a lot.

33. He motivates you to pursue your dreams

When a man likes you, he will like the fact that you have goals.

And men are mostly ambitious so they will pursue you to follow your dreams.

He may even advise you or motivate you by telling you that you can do anything you set your heart to.

This is a clear sign that he likes you and respects you.

34. He talks about the future with you

He won't hesitate to talk about the future with you.

When a man likes you, he won’t hesitate to make plans with you.

You may bring up a certain food or a certain place and he might say, “Let’s do that on our next date.”

Or he might start including you in his plans when he talks about a certain event in the future like, “There is this beautiful video game store I want to show you.”

These are signs that he definitely plans on more spending time with you.

35. He isn’t looking at his phone when he is with you

When a man likes you, he will give you 100% of his attention.

This means he will only take out his phone for work or emergencies.

If he doesn’t, and if he’s on the phone all the time, please do yourself a favor and end it gracefully.

You do not want to date someone that’s more interested in a device than human company – it’s honestly not worth it.

36. He isn’t afraid of calling a date a date

A man who likes you and who is mature will not back away from labels.

He will proudly call a spade a spade or a date – a date.

He may not say, “It was fun hanging out.” instead, he’ll say, “That was a fun date!”

Learn to identify these moments – it will tell you a lot about his character

37. He is a man of his word

He will be a man of his word.

This will take some time to notice because most people put their best foot forward for the first 3 months of dating.

But after the first months, you’ll be able to analyze the person even better.

If he tells you he is going to do something and he does it, know that he not only likes you but is a man of integrity.

38. He is a little nervous around you at times

No matter how grown-up we get, we still get nervous around people we really like or have a crush on.

It’s totally normal.

You may find him anxious or nervous at certain times and although it’s a little hard to spot, identifying this will help you realize that he really likes you.

39. He isn’t in a rush

He will never be in a rush.

When a man likes you, he will exude a certain type of confidence.

He knows that he likes you and he won’t go anywhere. So he’s never going to be in any rush.

He will want to make it clear that he likes you but he will also not push you to move to the next step till you are comfortable with it.

This means that he is not only very respectable but also very mature.

40. His behavior is very consistent

People who are consistent are the best people to have around you.

If you notice that his behavior is very consistent – that he is always punctual or always texting you and not playing mind games, know that you’ve found someone worth keeping.

It’s also a huge sign that you’ve become his priority and he doesn’t want to mess anything up between you two.

41. You feel like your friendship is very strong

You will feel like the friendship is very strong.

The best relationships have a fundamental basis in friendship.

If you notice that both of you are really good friends and you have reached a stage where you love talking to one another and sharing everything with each other – you can be certain that he likes you and your relationship is pretty solid.

42. He will not be afraid to spend on you

A man who likes you is not going to count pennies when he spends on a date.

Although I am very particular to go dutch on every date, I noticed that my current boyfriend was very generous and kind to me even in the beginning.

He never counted or kept tabs when we were going out for dinners. I’d split every meal’s expense with him after the date but he always told me it wasn’t necessary.

If a man likes you, he is not going to demand you pay or keep a tab.

If he does, he is either very thrifty or he just doesn’t see any potential in this relationship with you.

43. He will be very loyal to you

A man who likes you will have your back.

He will never put you down or make you feel low about yourself – ever.

He will have nothing but good things to say about you when he talks about you to his family or his peeps.

Pay attention to this, because it does mean that he likes you more than you think.

44. He will be very attentive to your needs

If you notice that your man is constantly worried about you, always seeing that you are entering first, or making sure that you are okay, know that you’ve landed a gem.

It takes a special kind of empathy to be this way.

45. He will know if something is off

When a person likes you and thinks about you a lot, they will become very intuitive of your needs and your feelings.

Although this happens after a few months, I thought I’d bring up this point because I feel it’s very relevant.

Even if you’re having a bad day, you might notice that it’s on his radar and he’s checking up with you more frequently.

This is a sure sign that he not only likes you but also cares about you a lot.

46. He will be interested in learning about your interests

He will be interested in your interests

A man who likes you will be super interested in all the little parts of you that make you tick.

Meaning, that he will have a keen interest in getting to know about your interests.

47. He will be excited to show you his interests

And likewise, if he likes you, he is going to want to show you his interests too!

He will love introducing you to the games he plays or the books he reads. He will love talking about the movies he loves watching or places he’s really loved visiting.

It’s a clear sign that he likes you more than you know!


I know this was a very long post, kudos if you made it to the end.

I hope this post revealed to you if a guy you like also likes you back.

Almost every single point holds true for me because my boyfriend has started displaying these at some stage in our relationship.

And if you feel that this person does not like you back, let go because something much better will come your way.

Take it from someone who’s loved and lost, and lost again only to find real love much later in life.

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