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I’m sure you know what I mean.

People you just can’t get enough of and somehow they just seem to brighten up the room and make the day so much better.

You want to listen to them talk, you want some of that positivity to rub off on you.

And you never know how the hours pass because time just flies when you’re with them.

Maybe you know someone who has a sparkling personality, or you have one yourself!

Do you love talking, laughing and simply interacting with people?

Or maybe you love spreading positivity around.

In this post, I’m going to cover some signs you may have a sparkling personality.

Let’s begin.

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What does having a sparkling personality mean?

sparkling personality

Having a sparkling personality means that someone is lively, witty, engaging and really charming.

This person will have bright, positive energy and a good sense of humor that draws people to them – sort of an inner light that is so bright and beautiful, you can’t get enough of it.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say “sparkling personality” is bright, happy energy. These people are very charismatic and have the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and put them at ease.

People with sparkling personalities tend to be confident, happy, and very outgoing.

They have a natural ability to make other people feel good about themselves – they also possess very good communication skills.

They are usually the life of the party and can light up the room with their presence.

My mom had a sparkling personality.

Everyone at the office loved her because she was bright, peppy, and very charismatic.

In this post, I am going to talk about several signs you may have a sparkling personality.

Even if you don’t, you can certainly adopt these characteristics to become more enthusiastic and lovely.

13 Signs you have a sparkling personality

1. Your smile reaches your eyes

your smile reaches your eyes

You love smiling at people and greeting them with a warm, genuine smile.

Nothing about your smile is fake or put on.

Many people have complimented your smile or how your smile makes them less stressed and more at peace.

They feel happy to see you and vice versa.

You create a very warm and positive atmosphere and people genuinely love being around you.

2. You have a very positive attitude

you have a very positive attitude

I’m not saying you’re superhuman and absolutely nothing brings you down – certainly not!

But for the most part, you are a very positive person.

You don’t believe in whining or complaining about things.

You take things in your stride and constantly try to look on the bright side.

You have a very positive attitude and look for the best in people and situations.

You always see the good in others and focus on the positive aspects, no matter what the situation.

Instead of noting people’s flaws, you try to understand what could have caused them to behave the way you did – you are understanding and rational.

This overall demeanor you possess helps create a very positive environment that other people can’t get enough of.

Your positivity is almost contagious!

3. You have a wonderful sense of humor

you have a very good sense of humor

You have a very animated sense of personality.

And people love it!

I remember making my mom laugh and loving the sound of her laugh.

At times she sounded like a donkey braying, but that’s what helped me realize that I love making people laugh.

You constantly see the bright side of things and try to ease any uncomfortable or terse situation with humor.

You also love making others happy and you never miss an opportunity to crack a joke or add a pun when you can.

You have a natural tendency of breaking the ice and making people feel more relaxed in your company!

4. You are very confident in your abilities

you are confident in your skills

You know exactly where you shine and you’re not afraid to flaunt it.

You love being around people and you don’t shy away from your strengths.

Because you are so confident in your abilities, others are able to relax around you and feel very comfortable in your presence.

Your self-assurance helps put other people at ease because they know they can trust that you have their back and know what you are doing and that you are capable of handling any situation!

5. You have excellent communication skills

you have very good communication skills

You love to talk.

And you know how!

You have a very good vocabulary and people often describe you as a good storyteller.

They love how imaginative, quirky, and descriptive you are. They love how you weave your words into a story that is captivating and entertaining.

You are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas very clearly!

This makes it very easy for others to understand you and to feel like they can talk to you!

6. You are very open-minded

you are very open minded

You are always curious and open to new experiences and ideas.

People feel very comfortable talking to you because you don’t judge but you listen keenly.

This makes you an interesting and engaging person to be around.

You have a unique sense of adventure and you absolutely love exploring new things!

This makes you a very fun person and you inspire others to step out of their shells and explore the world too!

7. You are extremely passionate about your interests and hobbies

I love drawing and writing – I can’t get enough of it.

If you too have this itch to always work on your hobbies and passions almost every day, chances are you have a sparkling personality!

You are so enthusiastic about your hobbies, that people are inspired just by listening to you.

You have a strong sense of what you love and you enjoy sharing it with others.

This helps you build strong bonds with people and more often than not, you are very motivational.

8. You are a good listener

you are a good listener

As much as you love talking, you also love listening.

You are always keen to learn more and people love talking to you.

They frequently make eye contact with you because they feel you understand them.

When other people speak, you listen attentively and show a genuine interest in what they have to say – you ask questions but you aren’t too intrusive.

You’re very non-judgmental and accepting of others, regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs.

This is also one of the reasons you find it very easy to make friends.

9. You are very understanding

You have no trouble putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

You are extremely empathetic and kind.

And people really appreciate it.

You are able to see things from people’s perspectives and this helps you give them great advice.

This makes you a very understanding and compassionate person. People trust you and love opening up to you because they know you listen and are very understanding.

10. You are very generous

you are very kind

You believe in equality.

And when people are finding it hard to open up, you double down on kindness.

You have a very giving spirit and are always looking for ways to help. You are very outgoing, friendly, and kind.

You enjoy making a difference and this is why people love being around you.

Your kindness and loving nature are very contagious as well!

11. You’re charismatic

you are charismatic

Your energy is out of this world beautiful.

You have a light that cannot be dimmed.

People are automatically drawn to you because you have a natural charisma and magnetism.

You just have that special something that is a beautiful cocktail of happiness, joy, strength, passion, and kindness.

This helps create a sense of excitement and energy around you.

12. You have a strong sense of self

you have a very strong sense of self

You are not afraid to be yourself.

You know your flaws and weaknesses and you aren’t ashamed of them. In fact, you see it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

You are extremely authentic.

You feel there is no need to be fake or put on an act. You are comfortable in your own skin.

Because you are so genuine, you attract people who actually like you and want to be around you.

You have no trouble warding off people who aren’t meant for you, and this is what people love you.

You’re refreshingly honest and this creates a sense of authenticity and genuineness around you.

13. You are outgoing

you are very outgoing

You are quite a social butterfly and you love spending quality time with people.

You thrive in social situations.

This is not to say that you don’t enjoy being alone, but at the same time, you have a good balance between spending time alone and spending time with others.

You are a good leader and you also love creating your own group of people.

People feel a sense of camaraderie and togetherness with you.

Do you feel you have a sparkling personality?

If you feel I was talking to you and almost every single sign is about you, chances are you have a very sparkling personality!

Embrace your sparkling personality and go make this world a better place – liven it up!

You are a unique individual and the world needs more people like you!

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